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Today I’m working with a menswear company called Bonobos to put together some cute his and hers looks in honour of the Valentine season! Now, these looks aren’t inspired by the red and pink gooey-ness of Valentine’s day, but rather follow the Spring trends we’re seeing in menswear and womenswear. For the men’s looks, I’ve stuck strickly to Bonobo’s own brand, and for women’s, for some reason, I’ve really favoured Gap, with a few bits from Zara and Urban Outfitters.

LOOK 1 : Relaxed, Boho, Beachy

This look is inspired by the newest trends in beachy and bohemian looks, we’re talking new colours and prints that are popular – we already covered bold and beachy stripes in my earlier OOTD, so today we’re covering tropical prints for men, and bra tops for women.



Shirt, similar to the photo, lending a lot to the trend of tropical prints that’s come out this season. Personally, I think it’s a nice little change from the usual floral.

Jeanssimilar to those pictured, I love a good pair of jeans that look lived in and casual – for me, that’s one piece that you should always have in your closet, no matter what the season is. The nice thing about these jeans is that there’s a little bit of a rip on the knee, which does tend to imply warmer weather and usher in the spring season!


Shirt – While I know many following the bra top trend are fully just wearing the bra tops on their own, for the Spring season I like to wear them as more of an accessory to an outfit than the main deal, mostly because it’s still pretty chilly out where I live. This is a loose, beachy oversized white button down that will show off your bra top nicely, and keep you a bit warmer, all while adding to the beachy look.

Bra Top, I picked this bralette specifically because it is tried and tested by yours truly. I do not have a bralette – safe cup size, but this one is supportive enough, and so so so cute. I’ve also worn it under shirts like the one I tagged above and it looks adorable because it pokes out as it’s a halter. It’s user friendly to women of all sizes and shapes and also looks adorable, and apparently it’s on sale! I’m seriously considering buying a second right now.

Jeans, I went for high rise, straight cut jeans that cut off just above the ankle. This pair don’t have a frayed edge which is unfortunate because that’s a trend that I’m loving, BUT the straight cut jean seems to be replacing the skinny and mom jean as a happy medium between the two, and I’m all for it! That being said, I’m not ready to let go of my high rise, and I don’t think I ever will be.

LOOK 2: Blue Collar Revival

One trend that’s been cropping up this season is a revitalisation of old school blue collar – beige and  green khaki tones are already incredibly popular and now designers are borrowing from old school workwear designs as well.



Top – exactly as pictured, though you could arguably go with a longer sleeved version like this one if your city is taking awhile to warm up like mine. This is a really casual top, and one that can be worn over and over again with countless outfits but is still on trend and in style.

TrousersI’ve picked out a pair of olive coloured jeans, purely because I just really, really love jeans. You could easily swap these out for a khaki toned trouser or chino type of bottom if you feel more comfortable in those, but like I say, I just have a soft spot for jeans. It’s probably because I’m Canadian.

HERS – All of these pieces are taken from the Gap Icon Collection.

TopThis is a muted white cropped sweater that I just looove the cut of. This is one of those pieces that you could wear time and time again with almost any outfit.

JacketI picked out this coat to go with the outfit, even though I know it waaaay expensive, just to give you an idea of what the final outfit would look like. I think a jacket such as this one, or a small jean sherling coat would look awesome with this outfit and just tie it together a bit.

TrousersThese trousers are really what tie in with the trend as they just scream 90s workwear revival (because that’s literally what they are). I purposefully did this to show you how you can put together an on-trend outfit without having to break the bank. Your whole outfit doesn’t need to be brand new, you just need a few pieces to recontextualise the look and use some classic pieces (white tops are a gem for this) to style it and put it all together. And let’s be honest, these trousers are totally something you could find at a thrift store if you looked hard enough.

Look 3 Formal, Classic, Chic

This look is made for those of you who like to look tailored and well put together.



Top – I’ve gone for a long sleeved top this time because I couldn’t write about Spring menswear without including a delicious rolled sleeve button down. I live for rolled-sleeve season. I’ve picked out a white top as white has been incredibly popular this season in both mens and womenswear, with Calvin Klein doing an entirely black and white monochrome collection. It’s also a colour that makes the look incredibly easy to customise to your own liking by adding either a jacket or a hat, etc. to your own liking.

Trousers – Since all white tends to be a bit much for most people, not to mention white trousers are waaaay too easy to mess, I’ve gone with a beige set of well-tailored trousers. I love this outfit because it’s one that is so easy to customise to your style because the base of the outfit doesn’t demand too much attention. You could also easily change the colours to suit your liking, and do a similar colour pairing to that pictured above – a light blue top and grey trousers, etc.


DressAs soon as I saw this dress while shopping around on Zara I knew I had to use it! This is a perfect example of how you can liven up a classic outfit – both hot pink and detailed sleeves are popular trends for womenswear this season. This dress (in my opinion) is great for either wearing out, or wearing as a nicer outfit on a daily basis depending on how you style it. For an evening out, it’s easy enough to add a pair of heels and a clutch and you’re good to go. For a casual day out, I tend to stick to a few things – oxford flats or booted heels, a nice jean or leather jacket, and an over the shoulder bag.

As always, thank you for stopping by and checking out!

x Sabrina

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