Thrift Store Haul

Hello and welcome!! Today I’m sharing a thrift store haul, my top 5 tips for a successful thrifting trip, and why I think thrift shopping is so important! Watch my haul below, or scroll down to see my tips and tricks.

Why YOU Should Thrift

Unless for some weird reason you’re one of the 1% of young people who follow my blog and have, like tons of money to spend on shopping (in which case… share????), thrifting is a grand way to save the bank. Your bank. Not the big banks, there’s no saving them.

Find A Bargain!

Anyways – I know for a lot of big cities, thrift stores don’t have as great of deals as they do in my local town, but I also know that there are certain places where you can get a good bargain if you’ve got the time to seek them out. Here’s why they’re worth seeking out – once you’ve found them, you’ll never look back. Even in my own town I know which stores are better to look for different items, because after years of trial and error I’ve learned the pros and cons of each thrift store. Regardless of how much cheaper, generally you can find some high quality basics for cheap. I’ve found countless striped shirts in all shapes and sizes by brands like Banana Republic (horrible name, good quality).

Seek Out The Hidden Gems!

Another great thing about thrifting is that if you’ve got the time, and if you’ve got a good sense of personal style you can find a few one of a kind pieces that you absolutely love and would never be able to find anywhere else. AND! If you don’t really have a great sense of where your style is at, a thrift store is a great place to sift through and see what you like since it’s not steeped in trends (unless you count those of the 90s and early 2000s).

Do Your Part For Mother Earth!

Last but not nearly least, thrifting is a great way to recycle clothing and decrease your carbon footprint. Do you know how many gallons of water it takes to make a pair of jeans?! Let me tell you! Way too many! (Google says 1,8000 gallons. Here is a source that discusses more about the environmental impact of jeans– I tried my best to find the most recent source). Thrifting instead of buying from brands that specialise in fast fashion repurposes clothes of higher quality, ones that will probably last you longer, and if you find the right sale, might even be cheaper.

Pro-tips for Successful Thrift Shopping

Bring a friend.

You’ll often find yourself looking at something totally weird and wondering, am I insane? Has the smell of old clothes made me loopy? Or is this shirt with flamingo decals on it the best thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life? If you have a friend who knows your style and isn’t afraid to tell it like it is, they’ll be able to confirm your beliefs that it is in fact an awesome purchase, or that perhaps you better keep looking.


I don’t mean bring bags but definitely do that too if you want. What I mean is that no matter what kind of weird fashion phase your town seems to be in (mine’s stuck in 2001), somehow thrift stores always have the best bags. I have purchased 10 too many clutches and purses from the thrift store. One time I bought 6 at once, but I swear, they were all incredible. You can almost always find vintage, or handmade, special and interesting looking little bags and clutches. It’s definitely worth taking a look for.

Don’t spend your whole time looking through jeans.

It will literally drive you crazy and give you a migraine (seriously! There’s some sort of thrift store fumes that just make your head ache. I’m not crazy). Look through your size quickly, and then walk down the isle looking to see if any style catches your eye – don’t flip through each hanger! Just walk by once or twice staring at them – if something pops, it pops, if it doesn’t, you’re probably not missing anything great.

Walk by’s are my secret thrifting method.

I know what I like, I don’t styles of cuts that I like, I know prints I like, and I know trends that I like. I will vaguely walk down each isle squinting at the items on the racks, only stopping when a colour or a cut catches my eye. This helps save time and it’s how I’ve found everything that I love. That being said, if you find nothing’s jumping out at you, skim through a bit and just make sure it’s because everything there deserves to be there, and left in the past. Sometimes it’s better they do.

Have certain pieces on the back of your mind.

Example: I’ve wanted a jean dress ever since I saw an instagram of Alexa Chung wearing one and I thought she was the coolest person ever, I wanted to be her. I still do. I sifted through dresses looking for jean material until I found one on my last visit. It’s not the perfect one. It has quarter-length sleeves (I wanted sleeveless, ugh), and it’s an A-line dress, which I don’t think flatters me very well, but the buttons only go halfway down so I can definitely belt it if I feel ugly. I’ll keep looking for the perfect one every time I go, but for now at least I’m sort of Alexa Chung.  Example B: I love what I call 1920s schoolboy aesthetic. Picture a boy in oxford shoes, black slacks, a white cotton button down, and a wool Yale sweater standing in a courtyard. See him? I want to be him too. I’ve been on the hunt for one of those collared wool schoolboy style sweaters since I found one (two sizes too small, BOO!) in a thrift store a year ago. I have dreams about this sweater. Last thrift store visit, I found one in the men’s sweater section. Ladies and gentlemen, dreams do come true.

Thanks for reading loves! Let me know if you have any thrifting tips, and comment your favourite piece that I picked up below! Thanks again for your continued support, every view, every like and every subscription is noticed and appreciated!

x Sabrina

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