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Mac’s Select Cover Up concealer is another one of my favourite Mac products, and my absolute favourite high-coverage concealer. On MAC’s website it’s rated at 4.5/5 and after using it religiously for a few months, I can totally see why. Last week I talked about Mac’s Face and Body Foundation – both of which I bought because I saw how incredible they worked on Perrie Edwards’ Makeup Tutorial, and I haven’t been disappointed in either! I’ve been using this concealer pretty much every time I’ve worn makeup since Christmas, so I’ve tried applying it a few different ways and I’m finally ready to post a thorough review! If you’re looking for a high coverage concealer to cover redness or under eye circles, look no further. 



This is a high coverage liquid concealer. It’s easy to build up or spread apart – to find the depth of coverage that you’re looking for. While it is a liquid concealer, a little bit goes a loooong way with this product. I often find liquid concealers can look patchy and take forever to get a smooth finish. The select cover up has a high saturation of colour, and becomes kind of tacky or paint-like on the skin which makes it stick to your face and stay put longer (yay!). I have a few random red spots on my face (why. seriously. what are these.) and this concealer easily covers them with hardly any product.

I also have really bad under eye circle 99% of the time, and this is the only concealer I’ve used that sufficiently covers them without making my under eye area seem unbearably white. The other nice thing about this product is that MAC has a whole wack of different shades, and if you go into the store to buy it they’ll help you pick the perfect one! I always have to go with the lightest shade of concealer, because the darker ones rarely cover the dark circles, but because I now have a shade that’s the same as my foundation it all just blends into one colour. There’s nothing I hate more than ghost white under eyes – it’s not any better than under eye circles tbh.

Below is a photo of my finished makeup look using the Face + Body Foundation and Select Cover Up from MAC.


Cost + Purchasing

MAC’s select cover up costs $24 CAD for 10ml of product which is incredible when I think about how little I have to use on a daily basis! Most high street concealers range from $20-$40, but most come in smaller bottles or pencils. You can purchase this inside any MAC retailer, if you don’t have a MAC-specific shop in your city, a lot of department stores have MAC counters now too! You can also order online, but you have to guess your shade then. I waited until I could get into a MAC (we don’t have on in Thunder Bay) so that I could get matched to my skin tone (I’m an NC20, in case you’re wondering), but now I buy it online from Hudson’s Bay. c6

The Verdict

Honestly: I will probably always keep a bottle of this in my makeup bag. I’ve had such a hard time finding a decent concealer and this one has ticked all my boxes. It covers all my problem areas, it’s perfectly matched to my skin tone, and it’s not too pricey. I’ll definitely still be on the hunt for new concealers, particularly those that are cruelty free and eco friendly (hit me up with those recs if you have any!) but for the time being, this is my go-to.

If you have any specific questions about this product don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!!

x Sabrina

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  1. Love this! Will definitely have to try this out as I’m also on the hunt for a good concealer- unfortunately I can’t really recommend any as I haven’t found one I love yet! Thanks for the review! 💗


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