H&M Conscious Haul + First Impressions

I’m all on board for H&M’s conscious collection if it adds up to everything they market it to be! Recently I’ve decided to try to shop as ethically as possible, but because I spent half my money on tuition and books it’s been a tough go of it. I rely on fast fashion brands like H&M not because I need disposable clothes, but because I need affordable clothes. Now that H&M has a conscious collection, I thought I would do a little haul and review for all the other people out there who, like me, have a conscious, but don’t have an extensive income.

What is it? 

H&M’s #Conscious collection is one of their sustainability initiatives. It aims to provide H&M shoppers with access to consciously created clothing ‘basics.’ In the past few years H&M has adopted a number of sustainability related initiatives; another popular one is their clothes donation. At any H&M store, shoppers can donate old or unused clothes for 15% off, and H&M will recycle these clothes by using them to make new ones.

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About Sabrina

I love style, but I'm a student and I have no money. I talk about how I make it work.
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6 Responses to H&M Conscious Haul + First Impressions

  1. We love this line! Such good quality stuff. xx, Britta & Carli from http://twinspiration.co/

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  2. Nusongbird says:

    Enjoyed your video!

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  3. Nusongbird says:

    You welcome!

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