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I was recently watching British Vogue’s fashion documentary on Youtube when Alexa Chung (who’s the host of the documentary) was asked what she thought the next big trend was – statement sleeves. The documentary was published a year ago, I’m SHOOK! Leave it to Alexa to call it big time. I need to stop talking about her so much on my blog, I’m sorry pals. Let’s talk about statement sleeves instead, no doubt you’ve noticed this trend coming on, here’s how you can pull it off!

There are a lot of different ‘statement’ sleeves on the market right now. Some are a bit more wild than the rest… just have a browse through Zara’s blouse section if you don’t believe me. Better yet – I’ll show you! Forewarning – there’s a lot of puff, and a lot of ruffle going on.

Wide Open Neck Shirt with Puffy Sleeve                  Linen Shirt with Bows
It’s seriously hard to find a shirt on Zara without it’s sleeves having some sort of extra added detail, but I’m not complaining! My personal favourite sleeve that’s come from this ‘statement sleeve’ trend is the bell sleeve.
The bell sleeve is the most common trend we’ve seen, it’s the easiest to wear casually, and it’s the easiest to find (and usually the most affordable). When I was in Ireland I did a lot of shopping and fell head over heels with the trend. I picked up this striped bell sleeve crop top from Primark back in October, I fell in love with it immediately. The bell adds a little feminine flourish on what would otherwise be a basic striped tee – the perfect blend of my favourite styles!

This style statement sleeve is so easy to work into a whole variety of outfits, and keeps you ‘on trend’ without looking over the top.
After I had one, I had to buy another – I found this oversized mustard yellow top in Pull&Bear and spent way more than I usually would on a basic top because I loved the sleeves so much.

This version of bell sleeve is a big more volumptuous and has a slit down the outside of the bell, where it overlaps adding more body and texture to the bell. Bell sleeves on steriods, but not super serious steriods. What am I even talking about anymore?

The colour of the top is also super saturated and bright without being over bearing. It’s not toned down like most autumnal colours which means it makes for a nice top year round. The colours look a bit off in the pictures because the sun was setting when I took them and it messed with my camera’s mojo, but if you follow my instagram (@arcticsabrina) you’ll have seen other pictures too. This top is perfect for when I want to add a little interesting detail to my outfit – detail that’s subtle enough to spice up any casual outfit.
ss 6
My latest statement sleeve purchase is a long bell sleeved top from Topshop – from their sale!!! It’s so cute and was only $11 CAD which is ridiculous but I’ll take it. PS- PLEASE appreciate my ridiculous pink fluffy Ted Baker slippers – they mean everything to me.
ss 11ss 5
This top is a lovely cream colour, and is made of a super soft cotton fabric that hugs your body. It also has a number of added details that I looooove – the quality you would expect  from Topshop.
ss 13
There’s a little ribbing right above the bell that makes it ‘pop’ a bit more, which makes the bell on a long sleeve seem more purposeful and less like an old shirt that’s sleeves have stretched out, which is a danger with long sleeved bell tops if you ask me.
ss 7
It also has high neckline that’s accentuated by some ruffling (3 cheers for ruffles!). The neck does up in the back with a small button and ribbon to tie up – it’s SERIOUSLY adorable.
While I obviously have a preference when it comes to the statement sleeve trend (let me say it one more time for the kids in the back – BELL! SLEEVES!), the trend certainly leaves something for everyone. My motto when it comes to fashion is always to wear what you feel comfortable – no matter how outrageous your outfit is, confidence is the line that borders omg-no-what-are -they-wearing looks from a killer street style that everyone admires.

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