Sparkles and Sunshine and PRIDE

Happy Pride month my little rays of sunshine(that’s u!)!!!!! Yesterday was Thunder Bay Pride Parade and even though it was a wee bit rainy to kick off, the sun was shining by the end of the day and I had a GREAT time! Today I’m here to offer a little inspiration if you’re not 100% sure what to wear to Pride, or you’re just curious as to what I wore, or you don’t know why you’re here and reading this but you are so… (thank you!!!)
pride 2
Heart shaped sunglasses? A must. I had my Pride outfit planned (judge me if you must) for WEEKS and then my flight attendant of a sister took the shirt I was going to wear with her to California this weekend soooooo…. I was scrambing last minute. NICE. Sisters, what can ya do? I went to Ardene’s to see if they would have anything for a decent price and I was not disappointed.

Sunnies: Ardenes!!!! Blessed for finding HEART SHAPED SUNNIES with RAINBOW LENSES. YES!
Top: You guessed it, Ardenes! This was around $10CAD and it says love in pastel rainbow colours???? Perfection.
Jeans: Pull&Bear – I wanted to wear a pair of crochet shorts, but alas the rain made it chilly so I went with mom jeans. The brightside: They’re still cute and I was warm. The downside: 0. Give. So. Tight.
Socks: Topshop!!!! Topshop have the BEST socks. I love to have ‘fun’ socks because it’s like wearing around a little secret joke and people will always compliment you when they spot them. These ones are a lavender colour and have pug faces all over them. TIP: when you have to have socks sticking out, make sure they’re socks with pugs on them.
Shoes: Adidas Superstars in all black! My favs! I didn’t wear these for SO! LONG! after I bought them because I wasn’t 100% sold but I’ve been wearing them 24/7 for the past week now. Consider me officially sold.

(lol what are my feet doing here!!! WHAT!!!)

Extras!!!!: I bought a 2 pack of velvet scrunchies from Ardene’s and did a half up space bun hair dealio so that my hair wouldn’t be everywhere when it rained or when I (inevitably) danced.
I also brought along a little black backpack bag to keep my camera and phone and wallet and whatnot –  TIP: backpack bag is an excellent idea when you’re constantly moving around.
AND I got stickers, and pins, and a flag as people were handing them out and selling stuff around the venue. I don’t know if you can spy it, but there’s a bit of tinsy red hair spray on one of my space buns too! Too cute. Colour doesn’t show up great in brown hair but the red showed up a little!! Especially all over my hand!!!
pride 7
The most important accessory of all!!! Makeup!!! Bring!on! the! SPARKLE! Believe it or not I didn’t get a picture of my face without my sunnies on (I seriously had them on the WHOLE day, even in the rain, what was I THINKING. sadness.) BUT you can spy a bit of it in this picture! The general gist was a super pigmented bright pink eyeshadow allllll over my eyelids, a bright pink lippy (Okurrr – Koko Kollection) and TONS of sparkles on my face! I used one of Sephora’s Colourful Shimmery Eyeshadow pots. The shade is called “Ballet Shoes” in their glitter finish and it’s on sale right now!!! I hadn’t used it before but I was super pleasantly surprised at how long it lasted – through the rain, with no setting spray.
BASICALLY – Anything sunshine, sparkles, rainbows, love, happiness, and general positivity is a GO at Pride! My BEST advice would be to wear things that you loooove and feel comfortable in, Pride is no judgement, no one cares if you match or if you don’t. It’s just the more colours and positivity the better, but you’re more than welcome to wear your positivity in your attitude if you’re more of an all-black-everything type!
And that’s that! If you have any questions or thoughts or positivity to share, hit me up in the comment section!

(Shoutout to CB who is my new photographer and I owe everything to her)

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