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Aloha pals! As you may very well know, I find a lot of fashion inspiration from musicians, actors and the like. BUT did you know that inspiration extends to makeup as well? While I tend to focus on the fashion side of things over here on my blog, I’ve done a number of celebrity inspired makeup tutorials over on my youtube channel.
The reality is that I seriously lack creativity when it comes to makeup, whenever I try to play around with it it looks like I’ve been playing, and never turns out right. I just don’t really have a clear vision when it comes to makeup, so instead I turn to celebrities who I think have just smashed it.
My two biggest makeup inspirations are Alexa Chung and Ellie Goulding. It was really a no-brainer for me to do makeup inspired looks by these gals because they’re looks that I do literally every day, and know like the back of my hand. I tend to really lean towards both ‘undone’ type of makeup, looks that seem really natural and effortless but still look chic and classic. Impossible in theory, but I think these two really pull it off.
Alexa Chung
Ahhh Alexa. My first true girl crush. The look I chose to recreate in my video was one she discussed a lot in her classic book it – if you haven’t read it do it stat. You’ll become a killer queen instantly. Anyways…  This is the look that seems really undone and lived in – kind of like the morning after look that looks sultry and chic all wrapped in one. It features a neutral face, super blended and smokey brown eyeshadow, and a relatively neutral lip. I have to say though, even when she does a cat eye and bold lip – just straight up red carpet, Hollywood glam, it still just looks so natural and effortless on her – that’s my real makeup goal.

(Alexa Chung Makeup Tutorial – Video) (Sadface bc my smokiness hardly ever shows up in my pictures, I obviously need to work on my selfie skills)
Ellie Goulding
Ellie is maybe the only person who’s makeup I’ve loved even longer than Alexa’s. She always has really natural, gorgeous skin, eyeshadow reminscent of Twiggy – excentuating her round eyes, and a cutesie pink lip. This was my go-to in high school (thank god, minimal makeup regrets), and it’s a look I’ll go back to time and time again whenever I just want to feel natural and pretty.

(Ellie Goulding Makeup Tutorial – Video)
Lately I’ve been on the hunt for some new inspirations – two people that have really stood out for me are Elle Fanning and, unsurprisingly, Zendaya (I just really love her ok). Again, these girls tend to pull of super chic looks that just look natural on them – maybe this is a celebrity thing? Probably. Either way I’m trying my hand at it. I feel like no matter how unconventional their makeup is, and no matter how much they’re wearing it just looks natural and seamless on them.
Elle Fanning
Elle is my most recent girl crush, her usual makeup reminds me a lot of Ellie’s but it has a bit of that Alexa ‘lived-in’ look to it. She often goes for a single coloured lid, a relatively muted lip, and bare-faced skin look. BUT – when she does play it up a little, it’s always in a very casual looking way if that makes sense? When she wears a cat eye it’s a lot like Alexa’s cat eye – it’s the statement and everything else about the look is intended to downplay the severity of the look. That or she goes big, big time. Either or.

Zendaya stands in a league of her own, as per usual. As one of the faces of Cover Girl, its not surprising that this girl knows what she’s doing when it comes to makeup. If I’m going for a heavier look, I always try my best to do it like Zendaya, because even when she’s wearing a lot of makeup it looks super suited to her face, and I definitely don’t always feel like makeup looks suited to my face. This girl literally just always looks fab no matter what. Seriously. I have nothing more to say. Here, I went for a signature glowy skin, natural blended shadow, long lashes and a statement lip. Favourite thing about her?She’s not adding to the pro-makeup vs. pro-au-naturale tired old rhetoric, instead she just promotes self love. Yes girl, yes.

Where do you find your makeup inspiration? Do you have people who love to emulate or are you talented enough to create your own looks?! (Seriously,  I try,, but I need a cosmetology lesson or smthg, I have no vision.) If you have any questions about products I’ve used or anything jussssst hit me up in the comments!

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