Sailor Style for the 4th of July

oootd gm 4oootd gm 3ootd gm 2Let me start this by saying – I’m not a nationalist, I’m not even American, BUT I had Monday off (actually.. thanks to Canada Day!) so my pal and I went down to Grand Marais, Minnesota, a lovely small town just across the border (I’ve definitely blogged about it before). I 100% did not intend to look the patriot but I had bought a neckscarf for pride that I was dying to wear, and a new bodysuit from the Gap that I wanted to try out and welll…… while I thought the result was very sailor/Tommy Hilfiger meets hipster/broke uni student, once I was in America it became obvious that it was very American.

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Sailor/nautical style is SO easy to pull off and it’s one of my faaaaaaav types of looks. I love anything blue/red/white/black and stripey. You could either tone it down with black and white  monochrome and pair a black striped black and white top (seriously, who doesn’t have one of these?!) and some black shorts or trouser – preferably high waisted! OR you could mix it up with a variety of blues/reds/whites/maybe a lil black or another colour of your choosing?!  BASICALLY stick to stripes, muted tones and/or reds, blues, and whites, and you’re good to go. High waisted bottoms, a neck tie, flats and a boat hat are also great touches to the look!

My Look

Top: Bodysuit from The Gap – was on sale when I bought, looks like it’s sold out now 😦

Jeans:  Topshop’s Joni Jeans (mind you, I bought these 5 years ago but I’m 99% sure this is the same shade)

Sneakers: Classic Converse (can’t!go!wrong! definitely could update these though)

Scarf: Ardene’s! Part of my beloved #Pride haul. Been wanting one forever though and it was under $10!

Sunglasses: Rayban’s Original Wayfarer

ootd gmootd gm 8

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