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Summer time is my FAVOURITE time, and I’m only a lliiiittle biased as a summer baby. I love hot summer days that just give off life and energy and put everyone in a good mood, I love spending my days outside and feeling the warm breeze and I love the smell of sunscreen and grass and I love seeing people out and about everywhere I go. No matter what you’re up to, there are people around doing people things and I LOVE IT! (Maybe) my favourite part of summer is the easy breezy makeup. The summer sun adds a little colour and glow to your face, and you start whipping out SPF tinted moisturizers and all the lowkey makeup products that create a classic, effortless, beachy beauty look. Here are my go-to summer products!

SPF Tinted Moisturiser – I already mentioned this because I just think it’s so classic for summer. My skin always seems 10x clearer in the summer, or maybe the extra colour in my skin just makes it look healthier, I’m not 100% sure. Either way, it means I feel comfortable opting for less colour coverage in favour of sun safe coverage. The tinted moisturizer I use is from NARS, I picked it up in one of those checkout shelves they have for the lines at Sephora (on the go beauty!), but they’re super popular now so you can find one that suits your own budget, morals (ahem, NARS just expanded to China – animal testing), and skin needs!

Just straight up SPF – I opt for an SPF moisturizer for days when the UV index is high because GUYS! Stay sun safe! Don’t mess with the sun! The sun will mess you up! The SPF moisturizer I’ve been using is a sample I got from Tarte, but I love it! It doesn’t make my skin extra oily or smell of sunscreen, I don’t notice any difference in my skin compared to days when I don’t use it. If you’re looking for something a wee bit fancier, I know everyone raaaaaves about Glossier’s SPF that you can put on over top of your makeup. I reeeeally want to get my hands on it, but I’m reluctant to dish out the $34USD (I’m totally broke and cheap, hope that doesn’t surprise you!!!)

Waterproof Mascara – I’ll just come out and say it: waterproof mascara is the worst. I’m not selling you on this one, am I? Well summer time is the only time I use waterproof mascara because it sticks on through you through thick and thin – you can get as adventurous as you want, whether you’re swimming or literally sweating that much (hey! it gets hot) waterproof mascara has you COVERED. My favourite right now is L’Oreal’s Lash Paradise mascara (which really is a dupe for Better Than Sex), it doesn’t clump up like most waterproof mascara, but it’s an absolute b– to get off – good AND bad thing, right? If you’re not sold on waterproof mascara, check out DHC’s Perfect Pro Double Protection Mascara

– this stuff is some sort of magic I tell you. It only comes off in warm water, so unless sweat is your problem, it’s your summer adventure mascara godsend.
Bronzer – What would this post be without bronzer? Come on. Bronzer is the perfect compliment to sunkissed skin, and there are excellent bronzers from Rimmel’s (my fav), to Benefit’s Hoola, to Chanel (never tried it, but I’ve heard good things!) Bronzer is something you always want to have in your summer makeup bag to add a little extra colour and shine to your skin. The one I use is SUPER old (it was one of the first things I bought from Mac, way back in Ye Olde Days), and it’s cracked and crumbling, but it still does the trick!

Lip + Cheek Stain – For me, summer makeup is alllll about the minimal. Products like lip and cheek stain are perfect because they’re low maintenance and last forever! Hello? Stain?! Again, perfect for long summer days of adventures (ps – ‘adventures’ in Sabrina dictionary just means socialising), because it stays on through pretty much anything that summer throws at you! Mine is The Body Shop’s Lip and Cheek Stain in ‘Pomegranate’ I love it. I’m convinced there could never be a better lip/cheek stain. I was inspired to buy it by Emma Watson’s Into the Gloss interview and I’ve never looked back. The colour payoff is awesome, the consistency isn’t too watery, and it’s perfect for both lip AND cheeks (like it should be lol, but things are hardly ever what they should be).

Tinted Brow Gel – Tinted brow gel is the BEST summer brow product because A. it fills in your brows just enough to give them a little more oomph, but is super low maintenance: it’s easy to put on, stays on, and doesn’t take too much time/effort. ALSO it keeps your eyebrow hairs pointing in the right direction all day (do ruffled up brows bother anyone else as much as they bother me?) AND the product keeps working no matter how … glisteny … you may get on hot summer days 🙂 My go-to right now is NARS’s brow gel in the Piraeus tone, it’s a nice soft, natural brown. I’m totally open to trying some new ones out, so if you have recommendations let me know!

A lil highlight here or there or everywhere – My favourite? Hourglass’s Ambient Lighting Powder (review) : it gives my face the perfect all around glow that doesn’t really look like sweat but rather looks like I’m just the radient, glowing goddess that I am on the inside. It also strangely does not come off my face throughout the day? It’s a powder! I don’t understand! But I accept and appreciate it’s magic! My advice: find a highlight that makes you feel like a goddess, there’s no shortage of highlight options out there so browse around! There are good options at a higher price point and a lower price point, so get out there and find your perfect highlight fit!
Texturizing/Sea Hair Spray – A good texturizing spray and/or sea spray is everything you need to achieve voluminous beachy waves alllll summerrrrr longgggg! My fav sea spray is by VERB, and, as you may have seen in my latest Sephora Haul (wink, wink), I’m full time on board the Ouai texturizing spray train. Feel free to hop right on with me, it’s worth it!  Once you find your perfect product fits, just alternate night/day or day/day with braids and use your sprays to your hearts content, and your beachy luscious waves are GOOD! TO! GO!
Et VOILA! Those are MY must have summer beauty products! What products are you constantly reaching for in the hot summer months?! Let me know! I always want more things! I’m the worst kind of broke person, and best kind of consumer in that way!

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