Do Trends Really Exist?

I know, I know, for the past few months I’ve been selling you on statement sleeves and motto tees, and now here I am trying to make you question whether or not they’re really, actually, a thing.  BUT if you ask me, that right there is the root of it! The cold hard truth of the matter is this: trends really only exist to be sold. Sure, things come in and out of fashion they trickle down – queue miranda priestly speech in The Devil Wears Prada (if you haven’t seen this lol WHAT ARE U DOING) but here –
Trends trickle down from runways and onto the shelves of stores like H&M, and Forever 21. After we’ve laugh at the ridiculousness seen on runways, we eat up the less-extreme versions of those very same ridiculous trends once they’re in our price range. Some of them never really fly with the public, some are one-hit wonders, never to make a comeback, and others we see pop up again and again. Has anyone else noticed that every few years there seems to be a new decade that pops back up as a ‘trend’? When I was in middle school it was the 80s, more recently the 60s and 70s, and most recently the 90s. Are we really going to start wearing Juicy Couture velvet tracksuits again? (Please, god, be shaking your head in horror at your computer screen right now).
I could SO TOTALLY ramble on about the commercialisation of ‘trends’ for longer but I think you get the picture. I should clarify that most designers aren’t just regurgitating styles and fads to sell clothing. To an extent they’ve got to do what they’ve got to do, but for the most part their runway designs come from somewhere more on the artistic side than the business side. Trendmaking comes the market – not the designers, few designers think “this is the next big thing” – they might think this is my next big thing. 9 times out of 10 it’s the journalists, and the manufacturers of more consumer friendly brands that are broadcasting trends. How many of you actually watch runway shows? If you do, I commend you, but most of us get our fashion inspo from models, instagram, journalists (yes, snapchat stories count as journalism nowadays), areas that are all around increasingly bought off as they prioritise businessm and cash! money!, over art.
In case you missed it the whole point of this post is, – queue big red flashing lights –


-in fact, most of the heralded fashion muses and the most successful people in the industry, don’t partake in the ‘trendiness’ of it all. They have a (sometimes) carefully curated sense of style that they know well, and stick to, and people are able to recognise that as something cool. Honestly, even when someone’s style is waayyyyy not my thing, if I can tell they’re doing it because they genuinely love it, and they think it looks cool as hell or makes an artistic statement, I will 110% find it cooler than someone who’s just thrown things on because they’ve been told this is what makes them cool. Style can be artistic, so let it be! Trust yourself and your own sense of style to guide you to finding your fashion forte.  I promise you, it’s more fun that way. And if you’re a lil lost, I have a lil article brimming with types on finding your own sense of style coming soon!
The last thing I’ll say is this – trends are not all bad, sometimes they help us find something we’d never thought of before. Just keep your thinking cap on (as you should with most things in life). Ask yourself why you like it, and at the end of the day, if you reaaaaaaally love it (and it’s in your budget), there’s only three things to do: F it, buy it, wear it.
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  1. An interesting post for sure. I always find the most interesting people I see in the street are those who have completely their own style. Those are the people I admire most and make me stop and look. There are too few individuals sadly, as so many people fall into the trap of just buying the latest trends you can see in any shop window or magazine. As you say, new trends are great for a little inspiration, but people shouldn’t be ruled by them to the point they don’t think what they’d actually like to put on themselves.

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