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It’s that time again! I think I’m the only one who’s actually extremely excited to go back to school, so I thought why not write up a little beauty guide to make the tough transition from summer vacation back to school a little easier. Some of these are necessities (if you ask me anyway), and some of these are just little pamper recommendations to help you relax and keep that skin glowing through the stressful first few days.

Let’s start with the makeup basics!

  1. A waterproof mascara, to last through the inevitable stress tears. Waterproof mascara can be a godsend,  it lasts longer, doesn’t flake under your eyes, and keeps your lashes curled, BUT 9 times out of 10 it is not worth the annoyance of trying to take it off. Solution? DHC’s Double Protection Mascara – it’s ‘waterproof’ but only in cold water, so you can take it off without any makeup remover! I pinky promise this actually works. I’m not 100% sure how it works, but when you run warm water over your lashes the black goopy bits pull right off, and there’s zero residue. I love this mascara so much that I repurchased it despite the hassle. No other mascara I’ve tried matches up. If you’re not 100% sold, read through the review I wrote for a more informed decision.  sm14
  2. A skin care routine that is down pat. Personally I’m still working on it, I’ve taken skincare advice from the queen herself (Zendaya ofc) – zendaya skincare-and I’ve been picking up bits here and there from Amazon. So far, so good. I have hella combination skin so I also picked up a rosehip seed oil from Winners that’s been doing wonders as an overnight moisturizer. A skincare routine that’s all natural and actually works is something that makes back to school so much more stress free because you’re not concerned about a big breakout/having to cover up/etc.
  3. Lavender scented everything. Le Petit Marseillais was kind enough to send me a few of their bodywashes to try out and I’ve fallen in love with their Lavender/Honey fragranced one. It legitimately smells like a baby – like the good, calming baby smell that they have. Lavender is hella calming, we all know that, this just takes it that extra step further when you’re trying to have a lil moment to chill in the shower/bath by yourself and want a little aromatherapy to help ya out. Their Cotton Milk + Poppy is also really nice, I find that their scents aren’t too overwhelming. They’re nice and subtle and get a little more scented when they’re lathered up. lpm
  4. A high quality shampoo/conditioner. It has come to my attention that it’s actually worth paying attention to which shampoo/conditioners you’re buying rather than just purchasing the cheapest option. When you buy something that works with your hair type you can cut out allllll the extra hair care maintenance products that you use later on. The right shampoo/conditioner can make your hair look lovely without too many (or any) extra products added in, and can help you keep healthier ends for longer. I’ve been using Ouai’s ‘Curl’ shampoo/conditioner and it makes the world of a difference! I haven’t felt the need to ‘do’ my hair like I used to, which means no heat or extra products for the first couple of days after washing. My hair also smells like a dream. 10/10 worth the extra cash. ouai
  5. Hand!Cream! Let’s just be realistic for a sec. For some reason back to school + autumn always starts off the dry hands that turn into chapped hands by winter. It doesn’t look good, it doesn’t feel good, let’s just not have that. I love love love having a nice hand cream that smells good and is very moisturising in my bag at all times. It’s practical + it’s a lil bit of self care! PLUS it’s something to whip out and do when you’re awkwardly waiting for the lecture to start and you don’t have any friends in the class and your phone is dying. OK that might be a stretch, but it really is nice to have on you, you don’t realise how much you use it until you have it and then you don’t! L’Occitane make my fav hand creams because they’re not too expensive, they smell lush, they’re made with lush ingredients, in France, and cruelty free. Hit that up.

And with that my friends I wish you all the luck if you’re headed back to school in the next few weeks! I hope your back to school transition is a seamless and carefree as possible.

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  1. Nova says

    I’m excited for school too 😉 I’m a grad student who is at school year round, however all the undergrads come back in the fall and I get to teach biology labs 🙂 Nice post!

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