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DDBC6BA5-EAFD-4136-B6E5-A214AF3FF6AAOK full disclosure: no ACTUAL pine trees in this post, pine trees just = winter. Paisley on the other hand is here and ready to STAY this season! Today’s outfit is ANOTHER attempt to bring dresses into my winter wardrobe, while also adding some hints of summer to brighten it up. Today’s summer hint? You guessed it! Paisley. Iconic.
* items marked with an asterisk have been given to me free for review

The colours of the paisley print  on this dress (yes, dress) has quite a summer holiday feel to it. I feel like I should be wearing it over a bikini with sandals on my walk to the beach. Unfortunately, that’s not how my day is going – at least I’ve still got the dress here to help me picture it!
I’m happy to say that I find the print actually also works perfectly for the winter season. It’s dark rich orange offset by the black gives a little bit of a halloween/autumn feel that pairs wonderfully with a long sleeve, sweater, or in this case turtleneck. It’s one of those pieces that on it’s own could work summer, fall OR winter: the rest of the outfit really defines it.

Since we’ve been talking so much about layering around here, and quite contrary to current trends, I decided to layer a shirt OVER the dress this time around. The top itself is a cropped high neck black ribbed top from the HM ‘basics’ section. It was probably under $10 and it’s one of those staple pieces in a wardrobe. The cropped aspect means that it cuts off right at the waist here, which gives the skirt of the dress a fuller look and adds at least a little bit of definition to the ensemble. I’m soooo in love with this layering look and I’m definitely going to try it with more of my dresses this season. I think it’s so awesome that you can get such a cute skirt look from dresses already in your wardrobe! (Plus: saving on the cha ching for new outfits!)

In this case, the black of the top pairs nicely with the black detailing on the paisley print. By making the rest of my outfit all black, I’ve added emphasis to the colour of the dress and really made it pop!(*POP*)!
I’ve really played down the accessories in this look. I’m just wearing my usual rings and watch, and I’ve added a pair of black feather earrings you can just barely make out above. Again, this is just to let the dress do its thing and be the talking piece of the outfit. My makeup is pretty well my standard makeup look, except I’ve opted for orange eyeshadow accents instead of my usual brown just to compliment the outfit colour. Now on to the BEST bit…

Here, ladies and gentlemen and everyone in between, are the most wonderful, amazing, brilliant, classic, chic, je-ne-sais-quoi shoes that I’ve ever owned. I bought these babies after I saw them on a post by a Taylor Swift tumble blog that linked all of the clothes she was wearing in the description. As soon as I saw them I KNEW. These were the boots I had been looking for, tears behind my eyes, fingers tingling I tapped the boots link, and there they were. $50 from Topshop, with only my size left. It was fate. I could write a Taylor Swift level love song about these boots and these boots alone. Suffice to say, they’re the best. Here they work perfectly, like always, and just pull the whole outfit together and make it look professional and cute.

This kind of outfit is SO low maintenance I’m in love. It looks so well put together but it’s comfortable and takes 2 seconds to get on. I highly recommend that you go through the dresses you own to see if you could put together something similar this winter season! Get a good use out of your clothes!

My Look

top: HM
*dress: Tobi ‘Plus Side Lace Up Swing Dress’
tights: I genuinely do not know, try a Target/Winners/Primark depending on where you live
boots: topshop, sold out 🙁
earrings: purchased locally
What are your go-tos for styling in the winter season?! Give me your advice! Please!

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