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Blogmas Day 2! Hello! Here’s something I started writing on my Tumblr then realised it would fit well here. I know the best of the best on Netflix because I spend half my life on it.

here’s a list of shows u should watch on netflix this holiday break, broken up by genre:

(because i’m bored and avoiding work)
CRIME/DETECTIVE (aka the best kind of tv)

  1. Broadchurch – if u haven’t watched this what r u doing?
  2. Shetland – scottish accents, good wholesome detective show. plus it has the british actress from the good wife who plays the same role in everything
  3. Paranoid – this one puts u ON EDGE plus likeable characters and intricate plot
  4. Vexed – i DIE laughing at this one. interesting plot lines every episode, i rarely know who the bad guy is and it’s ALWAYS funny
  5. The Five – 1 word: RIVETING. wrapping it up w a kind of throwback to broadchurch but this one will have u hooked IN A MINUTE i promise

HUMOUR – not my best section but i’m tryin to be relatable

  1. Brooklyn Nine Nine – i’m just gonna start these with the ones u should definitely have already watched. this is one of the best shows of all time.
  2. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt – this one sounds crazy when u try to describe it and it truly is that crazy. watch this for all the pop culture references ur missing if u dont. plus its funny and the characters are v well developed.
  3. Stranger Things – putting this in humour category bc it’s NOT AS SCARY AS U THINK and if u grew up in the 80s or have parents who did the nostalgia is HILARIOUS and the kid humour brings it back to the good old days i tell ya
  4. The Good Place – Kristen Bell plus alllllllll the relatable humour PLUS a tricky and very new style of storyline. watch it.
  5. Grace and Frankie – almost forgot abt this one bc i binge watch it as soon as it comes out. 12/10 one of the best shows on netflix.

DRAMA – again, not my strong suit, i tend to just stick to crime what can i say

  1. The Good Wife – i dont really like dramas and i liked this because its that level of drama. plus it has alan cumming in it so you literally cannot lose.
  2. The Crown – pretty self explanatory, luxury, the legacies of colonization, and royal drama rooted in REAL! LIFE! HISTORY! also i believe there is a corgi or two.
  3. Gilmore Girls – netflix put this under drama and i dont really think it deserves to be there but ill flow with it. everyone on this show is annoying. seriously so annoying i dont know how it got as popular as it did except for the fact that it gets the holidays and smooshy moments so right. 10/10 would watch for the first snow alone.
  4. Call the Midwife – as someone who is squimish and very uncomfortable at the thought of pregnancy, i really didnt expect to like this, but i did. still too much for me to handle in a binge-watch situation but that probably doesnt extend to everyone else. its HIGH drama, plus it has miranda hart so theres a lot of comic relief. i love her.
  5. Outlander – OUTLANDER! How did i almost forget about this! 1 of my best friends has been OBSESSED for months. i still think about the romance in this show on a regular basis. main characters are super hot and everyone else is borderline gross, but they got the romance and chemistry SO right. plus accents.

SITCOM – finally another strong suit. WATCH THESE

  1. Life in Pieces – a masterpiece, i still have yet to watch the new season I JUST REALISED and i am suddenly motivated to finish my paper JUST to do that.
  2. Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23 – my sister just started watching this so I was reminded of it. hilarous. out of control.
  3. Master of None – i originally had this in comedy but i switched it for kimmy schmidt. they rlly are interchangeable. mostly: i love this show for the second season. the second season gives me ALL the feels and does everything a sitcom should: makes u laugh, cry, and relate way too much to characters that are nothing like you. i weeped during the season 2 finale. weeped.
  4. Schitts Creek – GET ON BOARD WITH THIS SHOW IMMEDIATELY. idk if its on any other netflix outside of canada, but if its on yours WATCH it. PRIORITISE it. its gold.
  5. friends – on the off chance u havent gotten there yet. i watch this literally every night when i go to bed. and yes, other people find all of the characters super annoying too, but we still love it and u will too.

FAIRYTALE – mostly i want to tell u to watch once

  1. Once Upon A Time – i regularly get addicted to this show. emma gets annoying every once in awhile and dont even get me started on snow and charming. some of the characters are disappointing but overall it is an addictive show. plus hook is a babe.(what! i know!)
  2. Tangled – i wish flynn rider was real and that i had magical hair. excellent tunes.
  3. Beauty and the Beast – my poor child heart is in agony over the nostalgia this movie brings me. once again, i would die to be emma watson.
  4. Shrek – i died just writing that
  5. Enchanted – amy adams is a real life princess (no, really). also the kid in this movie is adorable and always makes me cry AND the songs r great. also great cast.

LETS GET POLITICAL – because its the holidays and what else would we do. these r movies i either want to watch or have watched n love.

  1. Requiem for the American Dream – chomsky is great bc he puts all the problems with america in a rlly accessible way, its super easy to understand what hes getting at and that makes this a. easy to watch, b. good to tell other ppl to watch bc they will be able to ‘get it’ no matter what their background is
  2. 13th – I HAVENT WATCHED THIS BUT I WANT TO SO BAD! using the american prison system as a method of continued oppression is REAL thing u should probably know and understand whether or not u are american.
  3. one direction this is us – im totally kidding but im DYING that this is in the documentary section.
  4. The Cuba Libre Story – have not watched but im interested in seeing whether this is going to go along with the traditional american narrative of the cuban revolution. i just googled it and it seems like it is not in fact american propaganda so consider me officially interested.
  5. Night Will Fall – hitchcock docu on the holocaust that was shelved for 70 years and recently released. i read about this almost a year ago now and still have not gotten the chance to watch it. i feel like i really have to be ready to watch a movie like this one so hopefully this break when i get sad about not having any history to learn i’ll watch this and hug my dogs.
  6. adding a 6 bc of the 1D fiasco on #3. Citizenfour – docu on Snowden outlining how he exposed the USA’s surveillance program. i have to say i have a lot of respect for Snowden (SUE ME) and he is one of my favourite tweeters. i’m serious. one of my favourite party jokes is ‘hey guys, who’s the one person snowden follows on twitter?’ to this day no one has gotten it right. the answer is the NSA. and it’s true. i’m a lot of fun at parties, i swear people. UPDATE: I have since watched this as ‘research’ for a paper and HOLY HECK WATCH IT STAT. a: things u REALLY should know and care about. even if you are not American, no, especially if u are not American. ALSO well filmed and sketched outline of the story, easy to follow and understand the implications of what Snowden did, what he was releasing, and why.

CHRISTMAS MOVIES – i feel no need to elaborate on any of these.

  1. Love Actually
  2.  Elf
  3. The Holiday (😭❤️😭❤️)
  4. The Grinch Who Stole Christmas
  5. Arthur Christmas

HALLMARK CHRISTMAS – netflix has a wonderful collection of terrible christmas movies, if you’re into that sort of thing (i am)

  1. A Christmas Prince – Prince Harry meets Meghan Markle but in this case she’s a journalist and low-key sketchy. It has royalty and christmas and goopy christmas crap, it’s SO MUCH over the top hallmark christmas movie, i don’t know what to say
  2. Back to Christmas – typical hallmark movie, realises she doesn’t love someone bc he doesn’t love christmas and then marries the man in plaid, a classic tale.
  3. Christmas Belle – i watched this bc it has Haylie Duff in it and i have to say even for a hallmark, it’s genuinely bad. lots of drama tho so whatever
  4. Angel of Christmas – an overall pretty OK christmas movie, except they keep talking abt how gorgeous the angel (tree topper, not jesus) is but it’s ugly af. no seriously, my family threw out our angel after watching this movie bc we realised ours was ugly too. we now have an owl on top of our tree. she looks like hedwig.
  5. A Dogwalker’s Christmas Tale – cute boy, cute dogs, what could go wrong?! Literally everything else. I couldn’t finish this one and i have a pretty high tolerance for bad acting a bullshit.

I don’t really even know what other genres are but i’m pretty confident that these are the best of the best. I’m hoping you enjoyed the veeeeery informal format of this post and you feel like you know me a little better now, but in case you don’t here’s todays…
Moment Behind The Blog: Day 2
Since it’s TV day let’s go back to my beginnings. When I was younger I used to be babysat by my nonna, and we used to go to her house on Sundays for lunch, and every christmas. I distinctively remember watching some obscure cartoons on her tiny tv in her living room. Since we go there every year for christmas – and still watch cartoons – the memories of old cartoons are mixed in with new ones. Every once in awhile something will remind me of one of the super weird shows and I can feel like I’m back there, and every time I wonder ‘did that really happen? is this a real thing i remember?’ because it was so long ago. Then, every once in awhile my sister will remember and bring it up to me and we just go ‘yes!!! that is real! that is so weird!!!’ And there you have it folks, my humble tv watching beginnings. Here is one of the tv things I’m talking about apparently it’s the “Concerned Children’s Advertising PSA” ladies and gentlemen. this is ‘don’t you put it in your mouth‘ thank you. sidenote – did anyone else learn how to fold laundry from this guy? That’s one thing I can’t tell if it was real or not. I think it was.
Your question of the day: Considering that I’ve watched pretty much everything on this list, what in the heck am I going to watch these holidays??? advise me please

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  1. I’ve been meaning to watch Brooklyn nine nine but never got around to it. I have watched Grace & Frankie, Friends, and Once Upon A Time though. I was really sad to see so many main characters leave after season six of Once, it doesn’t even seem like the same show now.

    • I’m nervous about where Once is heading! I don’t know if I’ll like it as much you’re so right it doesn’t seem like it’s going to be the same show. Has the new season started yet?! I only catch up when it goes on netflix 🙊You NEED to watch Brooklyn Nine Nine tho it’s a GEM

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