10 Smaller Artists You Should Be Listening To

I realise Blogmas is the time to be talking about all things Christmas but I’m guessing you’re getting your fill of that while you might not be getting enough new music. I’m on a mission to find new music right now, and you’re coming with me. 
Some of these artists I’ve been listening to for awhile now, and others are quiiiite new to my repertoire. I’m going to try my darnedest to include artists of all genres (except country get out of here) so there’s something for everyone! Without further ado and in no particular order at all:
1. Sea Girls – I would consider them of the alternative persuasion. Listen to Call Me Out first and if you’re not instantly obsessed who are you??? Either way they seriously have not put out a song I don’t like. Excellent track record, my favourites are Call Me Out, What Now, and Daisy Daisy.
2. BANNERS – every time I hear his songs I say “wow I have such a huge crush on him” out loud. My friends now know who this guy is from that definition alone. This guy makes songs that you can drive rlly fast and party the heck out to. Are also great for solo bedroom dance parties. Overall GREAT tunes, also alternative, also has not put out a song I don’t like but my favourites are Empires On Fire, Gold Dust and Half Light.
3. Nina Nesbitt – I know I probably annoy all of you with how much I talk about Nina but I can’t help it I love her with all my heart. Nina makes KILLER pop with a lil twist of something completely her own. Her music makes you feel understood but also gets you pumped up and it’s just all around wonderful. She has a new album coming out soon and I could not be more hyped!!!!! My favourite songs are The Best You Had, Los Angeles and We’ll Be Back For More.
4. HUNTAR – I’ve been listening to him for awhile now and he has a whole!!! album!!! out!! now!!!!!! His songs are also alternative/pop and they are STELLAR and always put me in a good mood.
5. Seafret – My god I love these boys. They’re much more acoustic and indie than anyone else listed above. I think I genuinely cried when I first heard their music and texted my friend IMMEDIATELY to go listen because their songs are so wholesome and give you such a wonderful feeling. I listened to their album exclusively during my rainy day in Dun Laoghaire and now it always reminds me of the sea and of Dublin and makes me nostalgic. My favourite songs are To The Sea ft Rosie Carney, Beauty on the Breeze and Oceans.
6. Hudson Taylor – I have had a love for this pair for a looooong time. They’re Irish and they make what I would consider pop/rock but also definitely have some Irish influence in there. I’m SCREAMING BECAUSE APPARENTLY THEY RELEASED A NEW SINGLE BYE!!!!!! My favourite songs are Feel It Again (new single I’m currently listening to and screeching), Battles and Night Before the Morning After.
7. Matt Holubowski – this is a Canadian artist who I discovered through apple music and LOVE. He has a very acoustic sound that makes you feel warm and safe and absolutely delighted. My favourite songs are Inhale/Exhale, L’imposteur, and A Home That Won’t Explode.
8. Court de Pirate – Just realised she HAS to be on this list even though she’s pretty well known across Canada. Béatrice Martin is a french Canadian singer that makes pop music en francais and sounds amazing doing it. Even if you can’t really understand french give her a try! She does some songs in English but I really think you can still get what she’s saying without actually getting it. My favourite songs are Francis (a classic), Crier Tout Bas, and Corbeau.
9. Hak Baker – A new discovery of mine, you might find him in the Alternative Hits playlist on apple music (i know i did). You can probably tell from this playlist that i do not listen to a lot of rap but he just does! it! SO! well! and his songs have such a unique sound to them, and they have lyrics that are at times profound and at times funny and are overall just really reflective of him as an artist (i would think). His music is one of a kind and it’s GOOD. My favourite songs are Conundrum, Quasar and L.I.O.L.I. but they’re all 👏🏼👏🏼
10. Alice Merton – She just recently put out her first single ‘no roots’ which is TOP KNOTCH. Her vocals are incredible and her sound is a cool mix of pop and alternative; the song is the kind you instantly find yourself singing along to. I’m veeeeery excited to see what else she has coming.
Moment Behind the Blog: Day 4
I had to come back to add this in because I forgot I was doing this WHOOPS! Since it’s music day let’s talk music. I’m a MASSIVE one direction fan, and when I first went to one of their concerts I met up with friends I had made from – you guessed it – a fan account on Twitter. I had known them online for awhile and so we met up and hung out for a little bit that day and before the concert and can I just say I LOVE how music and the internet can work together to help you make new friends???? Wonderful. But pls remember to be safe when meeting up with people you’ve never met irl before.
Your question of the day: Who should I be listening to? Hit me with your favourite lesser known artist in the comments!

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