Tips and Tricks for the Best Matte Lips

Matte lips have been in for awhile now, from Taylor Swift’s iconic red lip to the craze around ColourPop and Kylie’s Matte Lip Kits they’ve proven they’re here to stay. Before the days of lip kits and liquid matte lipstick, and before I had any kind of disposable income to spend on those products I had to develop my own more crafty ways to get a matte lip.

1. The first, most obvious way to get a stellar matte lip is to buy a matte lipstick or liquid lipstick. The biggest thing to remember here is to do your research, read reviews, and figure out which ones are the best. Sometimes the product quality varies from colour to colour, even if the brand is known for its matte lipsticks, so always look for reviews on the exact product you’re looking for.
2. Get crafty with eyeshadow. This eyeshadow trick was my first matte lip trick, and it functions in the same premise as setting your foundation does. Full disclosure: I learned this trick from The Craft by Lou Teasdale – read up on your beauty!!
Here’s how you do it: apply your lipstick of choice as per usual, then pat an eyeshadow of a similar colour overtop to set it. This intensifies the colour, gives the lips a more matte texture, and sets the colour in place. In a pinch, transparent setting powder will do the trick
Things to remember: be wary of what eyeshadow you use. Makeup – especially cheap makeup (but luxury product do this too!) use toxic materials. Since it’s going close to your mouth, consider that it might be going in your mouth.
3. Clean! It! Up! Once you’ve got your product on, line your lips with some concealer. It makes the lips look more professional and cleans up the line!
Here are my favourites:

Matte Lipstick: NARS in ‘Cruella’ – a few years ago this was one of the birthday gifts from Sephora. I don’t think they make this exact colour anymore so I keep it around since it’s one of my favourite red lipsticks. It’s SO easy to apply, super pigmented and very longlasting.
Liquid Lipstick: Sephora’s Cream Lip Stain #40. I was so surprised at how much I loved this lip stain! It’s amazing! It’s the perfect nude colour, and it feels velvety and soft once it’s dried on your lips. It comes off if you eat something oily but you can easily layer a new coat on top without it getting caked and gross.
Concealer: Collection’s Lasting Perfection #1 Fair. This product is MUCH loved by bloggers and vloggers everywhere. Fair is much too light for my skin tone, but it’s perfect for under my eyes and around my lips. It’s long lasting annnnd it covers up any smudges of colour.
Moments Behind the Blog Day 7:
The first video I EVER uploaded to YouTube was a tutorial on how to create matte lips with regular lipstick and eyeshadow, as per Lou Teasdale’s instructions in ‘The Craft.’ It wasn’t hugely popular 😂and I have NO trace of it anymore. Which is probably for the best.
Your question of the day: What is your GO-TO matte lipstick?
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