A Beginner's Holiday Nails!

I’m definitely still a beginner when it comes to doing my nails. No matter how hard I try, I just never have the patience or stillness to do them nicely, but I still love to have them done! I think it looks so professional and fancy when you’ve got nail polish on, but my nails are really brittle so if it’s not shellac it’s going to start peeling or chipping REALLY fast. Here are my holiday nails, which have a solution to every one of my problems 🙂
Gold & red are perfect for the holidays because they aren’t too over the top and cringy, but they’re still obviously festive. Red nails are classic for any time of the year, and the gold just adds a little sparkle(YAY!).
Both of the polishes I use are from the drug store. The red is #474 ‘Can’t Beet Royalty’ from Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel collection (no lamp needed!). I’m always using the faux gel/shellac nail polishes because they’re just a little sturdier than the typical stuff, and it helps them not chip. 25188465_10155932785128493_319084716_n.jpg
The gold polish is apparently by Carrie Underwood, who knew? I’m not sure if this is a limited collection, it’s by Nicole by O.P.I. Even if it is limited edition I’m sure you can find your own sparkly gold polish – pretty much any one will do! I put the sparkles just on the ends of my fingers, and all over my thumbs (mostly because I messed up but…. it still looks cool).
By painting the tops of my nails with the sparkles I’m doing a few important things. First, I’m locking the nail polish on the ends, where it chips the most, because sparkly nail polish isn’t as prone to chipping. I’m also leaving that little bit of solid red which means the sparkles aren’t too much (but really, is there ever too much). Around the holidays you might find yourself at more really fun loving parties with friends, and maybe some more conservative parties with work or family. Having just a little sparkle and a little red is an easy way to give your nails the best of both worlds. Also I just really like how it looks, plus I think ALL sparkles is more for New Years.
Moments Behind the Blog Day 9:
I cannot believe it’s December 9th! This month is FLYING by! In other news, I finished my last exam of the semester today! AND I can officially play all of New Years Day by Taylor Swift on the piano, which I started playing again when reputation came out. My mom bought two more Christmas puzzles for us to do, and tonight I’m going to do a few more blog posts and then I’m going to play around with my film cameras!
Your question of the day: What are your go-to nails for the holidays? What new projects will you be doing with your time off?!

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