17 Moments from 2017

There were a lot of Kodak moments for me this year. There was also a lot of horribleness around the world this year. In the interest of letting my readers get to know me a little better and sharing a little personal happiness from the year I decided to share 17 of my memorable moments from 2017! (All good, of course).


  1. Starting the year with a girl’s trip to NYC. Travelling with family is always hard (at least for me… actually just travelling in general is hard for me), but getting to spend some time making new memories in such a beautiful city was really special. We went right after New Years and all of the Christmas decorations were still up – going to New York during the holidays is a bucket list thing for me, because it’s SO insanely gorgeous and festive everywhere you look. I’d still like to go in December, but it was still pretty magical in January. D8ECA0DA-6B29-4B34-9E4B-D78EE25FD586.jpg
  2. I got a new tattoo! She looks like a regular pin-up girl but there is SO much heart and love and thought that went into this girl. I have zero interest in explaining all of the little imagery I snuck in there because it was really catered to my personal experience in school! Basically – I got her in reflection of the person I’ve become through my education as I’ll be graduating and moving on after this year. I call her the girl almighty, and she’s pretty awesome.
  3. I got a new job! Started and finished in fact by the time you’re reading this. I had the most wonderful experience working for Veterans Affairs Canada and I’m so sad to be moving on! It really opened my eyes to the world of possibilities in future employment. I had no clue about anything adult-work related because I had never worked in a really professional environment before, and despite what people may say about Canada’s public service, I learned SO much about working, professionalism, and growing through jobs at this position. It was great.26236235_10155987209138493_2093092225_o
  4. EVERY DAY I SPENT WITH CORDIE! My GOD I love her. And Butch who has actually been VERY affectionate of me lately. Cordie and Butch are my dogs and they are the sweetest, kindest, albeit sometimes most annoying, pooches on the planet. I love them with my whole heart because they make my every day life so so so much happier.CBB56459-C26C-46EC-AE59-A3885BC78E84.jpg
  5. I saw Harry Styles Live on Tour! I got to one of the BEST albums of the year played in one of the COOLEST venues in Toronto! Bonus points: I’m a huge One Direction fan, love rock, love alternative, love pop, and I feel like Harry’s debut album was catered to my own personal taste. Bonus bonus points: we sat next to the most wonderful people and had a super fun night dancing and singing our hearts out, and going for fries after. It was everything a concert should be.26175597_10155987209083493_1070216410_n
  6. I went to my first blogger event! Back in July I was invited to Sephora’s grand opening event in Thunder Bay as PR! Insanity! To be fair it was more word of mouth (friend of a friend) who recommended me rather than reputation, but it was still so exciting! I loved every second of it and it made me so much more confident in my online work!
  7. I saw the Canada 150 Firework show! I am not Canada 150’s greatest advocate, but the firework show at Fort William Historical Park was an experience to behold. It was INCREDIBLE, and I totally did not expect it to be! It was all set up like a carnival, kind of eye roll we’re celebrating colonialism with a carnival thing, but the show itself was set to the story of Canada’s development as a colonial nation – it definitely glossed over the uglier parts but it acknowledged the history and turned it into something really special and beautiful. That being said a lot of people watching it still can’t wrap their head around the fact that the lasting legacies of colonialism are far less beautiful, but that’s 2017 for ya.
  8. I got braces. (!) This is kind of positive because I am SO privileged to be able to get braces and have the entire cost covered by my parents’ insurance! Also, I mean, it’s a humbling experience to have braces at 21. I feel uglier every time I smile, which is the opposite of what it should be, and it’s about 10x harder to feel confident and pretty – not so much because braces are embarrassing but just because I’m very aware of the amount of metal in my mouth, and I constantly have food in it. At the end of the day, it made me grow personally, and I’m sure I’ll only be glad I got them in the long run.26177190_10155987209088493_1924556644_n
  9. Summer days in Grand Marais. I am SO going to miss these when I move. I write about Grand Marais every summer because it’s so picturesque there, it’s like it’s out of a small town, seaside village (except it’s a lake). I have made so many happy memories in Grand Marais, I’ve eaten the best donuts and had the best walks, and just the best times. Nothing beats a day road trip to Grand Marais on a nice summer day. It’s SO special to me.
  10. Meeting deer at Mission Marsh. I also write about Mission Marsh a lot! The deer here are so friendly and will come up and great you (for a little treat), and I love interacting with wildlife like that. I love that it’s just a little area, just slightly off the beaten path, where deer and humans have decided its cool to hang out sometimes. As someone who really loves deer, it’s so calming and sweet to have a little moment with some of my deer friends out there, and it always turns a bad day around. The deer are always there for me.26176136_10155987220403493_418542129_n
  11. I presented at my first conference! That was huge. I was so anxious when I got in that I made my mom fly half way across the country (which is far in Canada), to come with me. I was the only one who brought their parent, and my voice and legs shook the whole time, but I loved what I was talking about, and I knew what I was talking about, and it was so confidence boosting. It made me realize that I really, really do love what I’m studying and I would love to continue having those conversations.
  12. SO MUCH SCHOOL LOVE! I put all of this under one heading but this year I’ve just taken to school like never before. I’m here. I’m committed. I work for the school paper, I submit poems to the school literary paper, I’m a departmental mentor, I’m on the history society, I’m just there and I’m doing it! I never would have been nearly as involved in first year, or even second year so I just see it as a reflection of my personal growth and I’m so proud of me for it! PLUS! I actually love it ALL! SO! MUCH!26176373_10155987209178493_90205289_n
  13. I normalized a 8km run! Whaaaat! Two years ago I couldn’t even run 3km anymore because my health had changed, I had gotten new allergies and developed asthma and had to find a new normal. Since then I’ve been reaaaally back and forth with my physical health as it fluctuates with my mental health but in 2017, especially at the end of the year, I got waaaaay more into it. Even though it’s regularly -20 and I’m allergic to the cold I get out and run at least 3 times a week. Naturally I’ve progressed to my easy run being a solid 8km which is insane! I owe all of my fitness debts to Niomi Smart and Karlie Kloss. Niomi gets me pumped to go outside and run, and go to fitness classes, and the latest Klossy work out vid has got me doing at home work outs at least twice a week. I almost have ABS for goodness sake! Who am I! 26175188_10155987209143493_1200752088_n
  14. I explored an abandoned building! DANGER: don’t do this. Anyways I love that kind of stuff but it’s never something I really DO. So on the same night my friend and I went f-it and went to a picturesque place around town and took pictures of each other, we spontaneously went to an abandoned building in the same area. I climbed and played and explored and took MORE pictures and had the time of my life. MORE ILLEGAL ADVENTURES IN 2018? Hope so.
  15. I decided to move to the U.K., and while I’m still in school and not quite ready for it, I’ve stuck with my plan and prepared and planned and applied for schools there. I’m still SO committed to the plan that I’ve started applying for jobs since I’ll be done school in T-minus 4 months. I’ve looked into schools, job banks, visas, flat rentals, etc etc etc. And I’m terrified and excited and while this didn’t really DO anything for me in 2017, I’ll bet it’s going to have a huge impact on my 2018.
  16. I made my first $$ from Youtube! It was my one and only paycheck, and it’s pretty sad considering the time I put into it, but hey! I never ever planned for my blog or my Youtube to become an actual job so it was a nice little surprise! 26197385_10155987209163493_1787249710_n
  17. Christmas 2017. Christmas time is always… special in my house! All of my mom’s family comes into town and we spend the day at my nonna’s house, and the rest of the holidays between there and my house. My own house becomes PACKED with family, and we all eat a lot, play trivia, and have a whole host of other Christmas traditions we uphold. We’re all getting a little bit older now and it’s hard to say how many more Christmases I’ll have like these, and while the stress of all the people sometimes gets the better of me I’m always happy to have these moments and memories.

Sorry for the spam of pictures of my face……….. thought some visuals might liven it up a little…….. ANYWAYS I’m SO excited for what 2018 has in store for me!
What’s your favourite moment for 2017 and what are YOU looking forward to next year?

Happy New Year! I hope 2018 is everything you want and more!

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