5 Cult Beauty Products Worth the Hype

26857126_10156020027888493_521196340_n‘Cult Beauty Products’ are always used as buzzwords by makeup journalists to get your attention. It basically just means the products that you’ve been seeing a lot of in videos, on celebrities, on Instagram and in blog posts. Usually, the fact that so many people use it is a testament to it’s worth, but the hype could also just be chalked up to good marketing, and the actual products fall short in reality. Here are my top 5 cult beauty (makeup) products that are actually worth all the hype, ranging from luxury, to drug store.

  1. RMS Beauty ‘Un Cover Up’ ($45) – This is definitely a ‘luxury product’ and is one of those products that’s realllllly hyped by celebrities and their MUAs. It’s still little known to the actual public because beauty gurus haven’t totally jumped on the RMS ship yet, so let me break it down for you. RMS is eco conscious, cruelty free, and super, duper worth the hype. The Un Cover Up is a lightweight concealer/foundation that gives your complection the perfect amount of coverage while still maintaining the ‘am I even wearing any makeup?’ mystique. It’s perfect for an un-done makeup look, or an excellent ‘face base’ to build from, I use mine every day and I’m starting to feel NAKED without it. Bonus points to the Un-Cover Up powder that is just as magical, just a little less used. For more on RMS beauty, read my RMS Beauty Un Cover Up Review26914173_10156020119058493_1759199588_n
  2. Maybelline’s Lash Sensational Mascara ($5.96) – Unlike RMS Beauty, this product has been super hyped by the beauty gurus of YouTube, and constantly mentioned by Zoella as her favourite mascara, making it veeeery popular with the general public. It’s not cruelty free, it’s not eco-conscious, but it’s definitely worth it’s price point. If you find yourself in the ‘I cannot afford to make makeup decisions based on my ethics’ or ‘I cannot keep spending money on products that don’t work’ categories – no judgement! This is the product for you. It’s a low maintenance, high performance, low price point mascara. It creates full volume and full length without clumping up, which is pretty much all I ask for in a mascara. 26793752_10156020119358493_1580837339_n
  3. MAC Cosmetics Ruby Woo Matte Red Lipstick ($22)- I don’t personally own this one, because my sister does and what’s hers is mine (whether she likes it or not), HOWEVER the second she or I moves out I’m going to have to invest in one. For years this was hailed as the best red lipstick (now in competition with Nars’s Dragongirl). I have my own set of red lipsticks that I love, I even wrote a whole blog post about them (The BEST Red Lip Products) but none of them reaaaaally compare to this one. Ruby Woo is the all-encompassing red lipstick that you can wear day in and day out without a problem. It was Taylor Swift’s go-to red lipstick when she never left the house without red lipstick on, and it really does have that level of wear on it. It’s easy to reapply (and still have one cohesive colour – no patchiness), and it stays on forever. The ONLY thing I have trouble with is the matteness of it – I have super duper dry lips. BUT I’ve discovered that if I apply a lip balm a few minutes before I apply a MAC matte lipstick it works just the same. 26855697_10156020119278493_111461551_n
  4. Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer ($44) – I have run out of this and my face is FEELING IT! This product is a bit on the pricier side, but when it comes to primers it’s worth it. People tend to think of primers as what makes makeup last longer, which might make it seem non-essential. On the other hand, I only use primer to create a barrier between my face and all of the makeup products I’m putting on it which helps alleviate clogged pores and acne. The photo-finish primer has a velvety finish, it doesn’t dry out your skin, but it doesn’t really sink into it either. It also comes in a variety of finishes that target various skin conditions such as ‘pore minimizing’ and ‘colour correcting.’ Finally, the product lasts forever. I originally got this as a Christmas gift, and my mom had purchased the mini travel size but it lasted me a whole year all the same – and that’s about as long as the shelf life is on the product anyways! It’s amazing and I NEED to repurchase it, but I think I’ll be waiting until the next Sephora sale….
  5. Rimmel Lasting (25 Hour) Finish Foundation ($9.98) – This is a cult drug store product that I decided to try because I wanted a heavier coverage foundation, but I wasn’t willing to spend $35 on one that wouldn’t work for me. Rimmel’s is $10, and gets raved reviews from YouTubers and Bloggers everywhere. I’ve seen it used in makeup tutorials, and my friends who have it really like it, so I tried it. VOILA! If I wasn’t a blogger who reviewed cult products I would never ever need to buy another foundation. My skin is pretty clear of acne most of the time, but I have a lot of discolouration that this foundation covers so well. Since it is heavy coverage, you might need to get two shades if you tan easily, but at $10/each you’re still under budget. 26856936_10156020119288493_1874587653_n

Honourable mentions go to the Modern Renaissance Palette (ABH), Urban Decay’s All Nighter Setting Spray, and Too Faced Cocoa Contour Palette!
That’s it for me! What’s your most loved cult beauty product?

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  1. Love Love the RMS Un Cover-Up too! I’m so amazed that it works so well for such clean ingredients. You are totally right, it makes it look like you are not even wearing makeup. My favourite find of the year for sure. 🙂


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