Classic Fashion Pieces You Should Own

While style develops and trends come and go, there are a few pieces that are so timeless and versatile that they should be in everyone’s closet. Here is a list of ten pieces to invest in, because they’re not going anywhere.

White Button Down

Arguably THE most versatile top. White is a go-to top because it works season by season, and goes with pretty much any colour you can image. White button downs are easy to transition from professional to casual depending on how you style them. There are so many options when it comes to a white blouse button down that it’s SO easy to find one that’s still a little ‘you’.

A Favourite Pair of Blue Jeans

I firmly believe that everyone needs a perfect pair of jeans. Even if you generally prefer trousers or loungewear, there will always come a time to wear jeans. Everyone should have at least one pair that they feel good in. Feeling comfortable and confident in a classic pair of jeans is essential because they’re like a piece of armour to wear with you on any stressful day to day activities. They’re perfect for intense exams, or first dates, or any other time when you want to look and feel put together, but still feel comfortable, and like yourself.

Casual to Chic Sneakers

These bad boys are perfect because (unless you live in the real great white north like moi) sneakers are something you can generally wear year round. Having a good pair of versatile sneakers like Converse, Vans, or Adidas that you feel comfortable enough to hike in (but please, they shouldn’t be your first choice for hikes, you know what I mean) but you can still wear on a daily basis with a vast array of styles and outfits. These are perfect to pack when you’re travelling but you don’t want to bring runners AND sneakers, because you know you can walk long distances in them AND style them with pretty much everything else you’ve packed.

Black Leather Jacket

Leather jackets are pretty much a given nowadays. Almost every ‘fashion guru’ will say that you should have one killer jacket that you can throw on with literally any outfit and instantly feel like you can make people weak with your cuteness. If you’re not into the leather/faux-leather look, jean sherling lined jackets have stood the test of time (my issue with this is you can’t wear them with jeans unless you have the audacity to do a Canadian tuxedo, and I, despite being a Canadian, do not, I am not Gigi Hadid, I will not pretend I am). I honestly don’t know what other kind of jacket I could possibly replace my leather jacket with??? It’s truly irreplaceable. The nice thing about leather jackets is that they’ve become so hyped up that there are endless versions and styles, no doubt one that will suit your taste.

#Girlboss Blazer

AKA a blazer that fits you immaculately and immediately classes up whatever it is you’ve thrown it overtop. It is a go-to for interviews and first days of work, and one that, because of it’s sheer professional-ness, gives you the confidence you want and need on these stressful adult endeavors.

White Jeans/Trousers

Once upon a time I thought white jeans were a fad, so I didn’t invest in a pair. Then, back when I had a discount from working in a retail store I jumped at the chance to right my wrong because I had constantly felt like I was lacking a pair. If you, like me, are worried you’re just going to immediately dirty them and have wasted your money, go for a sturdier material. There are TONS of options when it comes to white trousers, so take your time. Full disclosure: I don’t wear mine all that often, but there are certain outfits that I LOVE that I couldn’t do without them. They’re also perfect for professional wear, and getting away with wearing jeans without looking like your wearing jeans.

Little Black Dress (just walked into the room)

Let’s be honest guys, nothing will really ever be the new black. The idea of an LBD, like most things on the list, is that it should be a dress that you feel killer in, and that you can wear 99% of the time — that means 4/4 seasons, and events ranging from a pub crawl to a wedding. I always thought I would have to really invest in an LBD, I had visions of me heading into Hudson’s Bay or Bloomingdales trying to find the perfect one I thought because it’s such an iconic piece I would have to take the time to look and trial and error with a million try ons of different dresses to find the one that works the best. As it turns out, I bought mine because I was in desperate need of a dress for a work event, and I was last minute shopping, so I picked up the closest and cheapest dress that I could find in Forever 21, bought it, and hoped for the best. Thank god for that. It’s a bodycon mini dress, it has a high neck and it’s sleeveless and has flattering geometric seams running across it – if I had more time to look at it and judge it, I never would have bought it. I can be annoying like that.

Chelsea Boots 

You knew this was coming. Do I even have to defend this pick? Like most others on this list Chelsea boots are here for their versatility and their added chic quality. Jeans, t-shirt and a leather jacket? Chelsea boots. Culottes and a crop top? Chelsea boots. Shift dress and jean jacket? Chelsea boots. I promise you your Chelsea boots will become one of your most loved pair of shoes. Partially because you can wear them with everything, and partially because (thanks to our god and saviour Harry Styles) you can find EVERY style of Chelsea boot imaginable for EVERY price range. You are bound to find a pair you love within your budget.

Wide Brimmed Hat

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All I can picture right now is the huge hat Niall Horan wore on one of his tv show performances (see below). Not that big. I’m thinking a brown or black brimmed hat (no fedoras, please) that you can throw on to make an outfit look more pieced together. This is an essential accessory for most street style enthusiasts because they add a little extra detail, a little extra something to the whole of the outfit. Nice thing is? They come at every price range and you really only need one since they’re so versatile and you won’t be wearing it EVERY day.

An Oversized Sweater

It’s here, the moment you’ve all been waiting for: loungewear. I’m picturing more chic oversized knitwear that feels like loungewear but looks like streetwear, but whatever floats your boat. Oversized sweaters are excellent because a. they are comfy, b. they are always flattering, c. you can style them a million different ways. Plus, they’re so comfy that you’ll end up wearing them WAY more often than you think you will. I’m also leaving it super open ended here because an oversized sweater can be ANYTHING that suits your style – oversized hoodie? Yup, that works. Oversized cardigan? Sure. Oversized rollback? My personal favourite.
Having go-to versatile items like these are a must for those of us who like to travel but don’t have any money to constantly be buying the newest, trendiest bits to make us always look on-trend. With these items and few others that are up to you and your own style, and a few accessories here and there, you can create an endless array of outfits without constantly feeling the need to break the bank to keep up with trends.
What’s your most essential piece? Personally, I’m obsessed with white blouses, but then I have about a million of them now, so it’s not really the ONE piece to replace all of them? I’d probably have to go with my (faux) leather jacket. It’s from bluenoses, and I bought it for $30 before going to Greece 4 years ago. Never needed or wanted to replace it since.
That’s it for me! What’s your most loved cult beauty product?

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PS: This is the picture of Niall I meant (re: wide brimmed hats)

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  1. NunziaDreams says

    Oooh, you’re so on point with these pieces, especially the little black dress and oversized sweater!! Also, I’m living for the Niall photo at the end. lol Super cute post!

  2. alybuns21 says

    I have to agree with almost every piece you mentioned on your list! These are definitely must haves in everyone’s closets. I have to say the leather jacket is my favorite though lol. Great post!


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