January in Instagram! ✴

Hello everyone! Those of you who have been around here for awhile might remember back in 2016 when each month I would do an overview of my Instagram. The idea was that you could get to know a little more about me, behind the scenes of ArcticSabrina. I took a break from it last year – honestly? Because I felt like it was lazy content! I felt like it was a cop-out post. At the same time, I really feel like I had a lot harder time connecting with my readers and sharing more of my personal life. This year I’ve made it my mission to only caption Instagram photos with quotes of lyrics or poems that I’m really feeling at that time, or in that moment. I think in a way it lets me be way more honest about things without blatantly oversharing. On the flipside, I thought I would start sharing some of the moments captured on my Instagram here on ArcticSabrina again. For some reason it feels a lot more personal on here than it does on Instagram, and I don’t feel too badly about the occasional overshare – I hope you don’t either! We’re all friends here.

I had a rough weekend a few weeks back where I got MAJORLY depressed, listened to a lot of dodie, and watched a lot of Zoella until it passed. It’s not a place I’ve never been before, but it’s one that’s never been SO quick to pass, so I’m really proud and happy about that. Yesterday was #BellLetsTalk so I quoted secret for the mad (dodie): I promise you, it’ll all make sense again. ✴ been listening to a LOT of Niall’s album lately, just quoted this with ‘fire away’ — its just a picture of my makeup post (coming out tomorrow) ✴ so it goes pt 2. not gonna lie I LOVE how I look in this picture, that song just gave me the right vibe
so it goes pt 1. the stance and look in this picture SCREAMS reputation and I was rlly feeling it ✴ I look rlly moody here so I quoted ‘theres one thing on my mind’ from on my own by Niall bc I love that taking it out of the context of the song makes it seem like im pining even tho im perfectly happy just me ✴  ‘words only get through if they’re sharp’ – dodie, this was on the tail end of my depression spiral, self explanatory
quoted cold coffee by ed because its a picture of coffee and its a wonderful song ✴ didn’t want to post this bc my back looks super bony and weird but instead I posted it with the Lorde quote ‘let em talk cause we’re dancing in this world alone’ and it made me feel kind of powerful even though it probably seemed like nothing ✴ NOT a lyric quote, just said paradise for obv reasons
‘grab a bag grab a bottle but leave the what if’ – my motto for this year. we’re doing things. we’re making them happen ✴ just emoji quotes bc its a bunch of pictures from a ski trip! ✴ welcome to the new year – the first song I finished this year! doesn’t seem like a quote bc I am a musical nobody so its like my little secret and thats cute and fun, right? right?
*note captions run from most recent to least recent, top to bottom, left to right*
I wasn’t too sure where to take my Instagram at the start of the year. I really admire people who have really cohesive themes without just regurgitating the same content again, and again, and again. I decided to try to take some time to actually put some effort into my instagram and see if that makes me happier with the results. It’s already taken a BIT of a backseat as I recently came down with a harsh case of bronchitis, and suddenly I don’t want to even do the schoolwork I have to, let alone my Instagram. Give me inspiration!! Please! Who are your favourite Instagrammers?

January In Instagram! (2016) | Zaful Haul + First Impressions

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PS – I know the captions are super hard to follow with the pictures! Should I crop the pictures row by row and have them sorted that way? These posts are a work in progress so if you have any recommendations for stuff to change let me know in the comments!



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