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Hello everyone! I have been HURTING lately. I’ve come down with a flu or something because I’ve been hacking up a lung and I’m SO exhausted all the time. Makeup usually takes a back burner when I’m feeling this way, but I’ve since learned a thing or two about low maintenance makeup that is perfect for sick days. Here is my sick day makeup guide.


Starting off any good sick day makeup guide with the base. I don’t like to put too much on my face when I’m sick. It just never really looks right and I don’t want to end up sweating it all off if I get a fever. I do what I can to cover up the main signs of sickness. Cover up goes under my eyes, I try to add some warmth to my skin tone. I also try to use products that will last as long as possible, because I’m often blowing my nose, covering my mouth and touching my face when I’m sick.

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To start off I use Smashbox’s Photo Finish Primer. It’s soft and moisturizing (but oil free!) and sets the base for everything else to last all day, because let’s face it I don’t have it in me to do this twice.

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I use the RMS Beauty Un Cover Up Foundation/Concealer for under my eyes and as a base for my face. I’ll dab it anywhere there’s discolouration and call it done for the day. Then I top up my under eyes with a bit of MAC’s Select Cover Up since I always find my eyes are where the sickness shows up the most. I set everything with RMS Beauty’s Un Powder – it has a velvety soft finish and adds a bit of colour and evenness. The final touch is a bit of colour: use a bit of bronzer (I just use Too Faced’s Cocoa Contour in dark cocoa). Pick something that has warm tones to offset any sallowness onset by the sickness. I don’t feel myself without a bit of warmth to my cheeks, my favourite blush is The Body Shop’s Cheek + Lip Stain. It’s really easy to apply, has a really rich colour and works almost like a paint. Aka it doesn’t leave your face ALL. DAY.


I take it REALLY simple with eyes. Here, I’m just trying to brighten them up a little and combat tiredness. On the flip side my eyes water to all heck when I’m sick, and they can get a bit itchy at times. Both of which negate any possibility of using eyeliner without it rubbing off almost immediately. Instead, I use neutral shadow tones to brighten. Then I use standard lengthening mascara to open my eyes a bit more. I also fill in my brows just to frame the face.

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my choice of eye products

I use the Nars Wanted palette for shadow since they’re cream based, so they have an awesome colour pay off that doesn’t crease or fade during the day. I used the shades Seven Heaven and Shadow Hill in my crease to add some depth to my eye, and brighten the inner corner with Biarritz. Then I curl my lashes and apply a few coats of the Noir Interdit mascara by Givenchy. I love love love this mascara because it really grabs every lash and adds length to it. I also apply mascara to the bottom outer lashes. Finally, I fill in my brows! I use the Maybelline Total Temptations brow pencil because it’s super quick and easy to apply.

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Lips are usually a hard pass for me when I’m sick. With all the coughing, nose blowing and tea drinking it just doesn’t seem worth it to put ANYTHING on my lips. At the same time, I always think my face doesn’t look finished without a lip product on. When I’m sick I use a lip tint and moisturiser for very low maintenance lips.

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I’m using The Body Shop’s Lip + Cheek Stain in Pomegranate AGAIN. This time to tint my lips and give them a bit of rouge that will last for a good few hours. Then I’m topping it off with L’Occitane’s Shea Lip Balm. I’m obsessed with L’Occitane. I always get their advent calendar to try out all of their new products and get some samples of my old favourites. I had forgotten how much I loved this lip product until I got the sample in the calendar. I’ve used it so much now that less than a month later I’m running out! If you’re looking for a catch-all lip balm, this is it.

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You can always spray a little setting spray, or even water mist just to add a little bit of energy and moisture to your face once you’re done! Usually when I’m sick I can’t be bothered for this step, but to each their own.

What are your go-to beauty products for sick days?! I feel like it’s a hit or miss, on one hand you want to do what you can to feel better, but on the other you want to feel especially comfortable and low-key. Let me know what your take on this is in the comments below!

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    • Sabrina says

      Not gonna lie it’s hit or miss! 😂I was sick all week but I only bothered tl do it two of the days. I do feel a lot better and more put together when it’s on but getting there is sometimes a struggle 😂

  1. Jani V says

    Awwww so sad to hear you’ve been under the weather. I hope you start feeling ebtter soon! I’ve heard wonders about that L’Occitane lip balm!


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