Maybelline Un-Nude Liquid Matte Lipsticks

Full Disclosure: These products were sent to me free for review. All opinions remain to be my own.
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I was SO flattered to receive these lipsticks in the mail! I have never received any products completely out of the blue like this before so I was really surprised and of course excited to try these. I wasn’t sure what to expect – I’m always a little hesitant when I receive a product for free. Mostly I’m thinking along the lines of ‘if they’re sending it to ME for free with no strings attached how good can it really be?!’ And that’s really just my own self-doubt kicking in, isn’t it? A lot of my favourite products are by Maybelline, but I have to say I’ve never been overly impressed by any drugstore lip products recently – enter the Maybelline Stay Matte Ink, Un-Nude style.

I was instantly drawn in by the colour range in this collection. Not all of the shades are for me, and not all of the ones I love will suit my skin tone nicely, but there’s really something for everyone here!
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on the packaging…
Though I’m in love with the vault-style it came in, I’m not blown away by the packaging of the individual products. It’s pretty standard and clean cut which I do think is better than the kitschy style a lot of brands have been going for lately, but it’s nothing to write home about. On the plus side, the square shape ensures that you know the product is fully closed, and it doesn’t roll away when you put it down. On the downside, they are a bit bigger than I would normally carry around but then again you can fit more product in it I suppose! What I’m really impressed by here is the applicator itself. It’s shaped almost like a pair of lips, and is revolutionary. I am blown away at how easy it is to apply this product, maybe in part because of the formula, but also because of this applicator. The pointed end makes it easier to define edges without having to go over it with concealer, and the whole applicator is very soft so it’s easy to both swipe the product on from side to side, or dab it on for touching up.

on the formula…
What I’m looking for in a liquid lipstick formula: doesn’t come off on everything, doesn’t feel caked on my lips, isn’t too runny when first applied. This checks ALL the boxes. Though the formula is a bit sticky to the touch (nothing like gloss, don’t worry), it NEVER comes off. I gave Cordie (my sweet pup) a heck of a lot of kisses just minutes after applying this and her fur was still perfectly golden – no traces left behind! Even after having a little bit of a greasy lunch I still had a near perfect lip. I’m blow away by this you guys! I was NOT expecting this. I genuinely prefer this to my Kylie Cosmetics because it feels weightless on my lips, so when I DO need to reapply it doesn’t cake on and mix poorly with what’s already there. I was not expecting to be a huge fan of the formula, but here we are!
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shades x, x, and poet

on the price point…
Each liquid lipstick costs $11.99 full price, but Maybelline is carried at stores like Walmart that almost always have a sale going if you’re looking for cheaper. All things considered I would absolutely spend the $12 to repurchase my favourite colours when they run out. Speaking of…

my favourites…
Like I said, I love the colour range, but not each colour is for me. I think the shade poet is so cute but it’s WAY too pink for my skin tone (that’ll be going to my sister). I also LOVE the purples and particularly the greyish shade – I’ll keep it around, but I’m not sure how much use I’ll get out of it. So far, the ones I know I’ll get the most use out of are the red and the brown shades. I love the Maybelline is at least trying to take nude shades in a new direction, I can honestly say I haven’t seen most of these shades around that much. I know I’ve been on the hunt for this particular colour of red for over a year now and haven’t been able to find it until now!
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Have any of you had a chance to try out this liquid lipstick yet? What did you think? Are there any other drug store lip products I’ve been missing out on?!

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