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This is by far my favourite outfit post that I’ve ever done. A few months ago I (finally) booked a trip to Cuba after years of pining to go, but even before the flight was booked I picked up this dress – THE dress. It has so many hints of traditional Spanish women’s fashion that it breaths life into the outfit and just emanates an ambience of Spanish style. It’s one of those pieces that you buy because it gives you a feeling and a vision, and I just knew it would be perfect for my trip to Cuba (and future travels!!) Are you ready for it?
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Just try to tell me that this dress doesn’t go perfectly with the decor of our Airbnb. Even though it was the end of our last night in Havana and I was feeling (and looking) a little worse for wear – hello sunburn! I wanted to get some pictures in my dress in the Airbnb because it was too picture perfect to miss.

Our Airbnb was in the heart of Old Havana and had one long balcony that overlooked Villegas Street. The ceilings were sky high and the doors to the terrace went almost to the roof, it wasn’t just the decor that made this place special but the actual bones of the building.
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I don’t think there’s anywhere else in the world where this dress belongs as much as it does in Old Havana, and in this Airbnb. The city is so vibrant and wears it’s history and it’s culture on it’s sleeve: it’s everywhere you look so much so that you can feel it when you’re walking through the streets. Havana has taken all of the colonial architecture and completely made it their own, it’s one of a kind!
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outfit details

dress ASOS brand, $17.32CAD (get it quick, it’s on sale!)
It’s a heavier canvas like material and has thick black embroidery along the bottom. I expected it to be a cheaper, lighter fabric and I’m so impressed with the sturdiness of it. It is incredibly flattering and low maintenance (surprisingly!). I can go bra-free which is usually a no-go for me, and the skirt catches the right amount of breeze so that it has some movement and it’s not too warm, but the skirt itself doesn’t go flying up.
shoes winners
I bought these last year in Calgary when my flats were giving me killer blisters. They were under $20, and a style that I would never have bought if it hadn’t been for those blisters but I’ve ended up wearing constantly since I bought them! They feel like serendipity.
lipstick makeup forever
The dress itself makes enough of a statement that I didn’t feel the need to add any jewelry to spice it up. In fact, I think anything more would have been an overkill and I would have looked way out of place in Havana where everyone is really laid back and not too into consumer culture (for obvious reasons).
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I really encourage you to push your fashion boundaries and pick something that’s a bit outside of your comfort zone. Try to pick up a few pieces that have hints of tradition styles from different cultures, you’d be amazed at how often you can wear them! Pieces like these always end up being some of my most loved and my most worn. They add a little life and variety to your every day style which is always a good thing.
It’s amazing how much fashion can inspire you! I can’t wait to bring this dress with me on future travels, hopefully back to Cuba, and hopefully to Barcelona (the city)  to dance in it to Barcelona (the song). Even though I fulfilled my literal dream of wearing this dress in Old Havana, I’m still having visions of when and where I can wear it!
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PS Cuba vlogs are coming soon! I’ll tag them here when they’re released. In the meantime I encourage you to follow my sister Stephanie’s blog – Travel Bug Steph – she travels like crazy and was with me in Cuba! She’s in Mexico + Belize right now (casual) but she might have some more behind the scenes of our Cuba trip coming soon.

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  1. Rebecca says

    This dress is gorgeous, and it really does go perfectly with the surroundings! I feel inspired to try wearing something different now 🙂


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