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I’m sure you know the drill by now but in case you don’t – each month I share a little ‘behind the scenes’ of my Instagram. This year all my Instagram captions are lyrics to a song that relates/has the right vibe to go with the picture. You know when you feel a connection between music and a memory or a place or a feeling? I thought I would stick to lyrics so I could ~maybe~ better communicate the feeling of the picture.
Are you guys even READY for all of the Cuba pics? I have ONE more to post tomorrow and then my theme is officially moving on. I’m already sad about it.

*note captions run from most recent to least recent, top to bottom, left to right*

you are in love FULLY describes that ~love~ feeling and that’s how I feel abt Cuba ✴ this song is the feeling like you’re building up to something and it’s awesome and wonderful and just everything ✴ did I appropriate tswift lyrics to fit the Cuban Revolution? Yes. Yes I did.
el capitol still doin it’s thing for 60 years under that embargo ✴ lyrics! that! FEEL! like! a! warm! island! hug! ✴ ‘say you fancy me not fancy stuff’ : this GORG colonial room (‘the gold room’) open for everyone to enjoy in the revolution museum in Havana
I held onto this trip HARD (as something to look forward to) to get me through a rough patch this winter, and the memories I made there still paint me golden tbh ✴ these lyrics are HILAR bc these vids posted were of our horseback riding tour. Steph for real got bruises. they were for real ‘party tattoos’ (thx dodie) ✴ the ‘fall from grace’ lyric is just supposed to fit with the church theme lol
all the liars are calling me one = propaganda campaign against Cuban revolutionaries after they won, nobodies heard from me for months = embargo, im doing better than I ever was = cuban people were for once the priority! ✴ ‘im shaking my head and locking the gates’ = this is an lol lyric bc it’s taken at the hotel Nacional which saw a LOT of shit in its day ✴ ‘you dont need to save me, but would you run away with me?’ PRETTY SELF EXPLANATORY
we still out here fighting the good fight ✴ we make them they don’t make us ✴ ‘there’s a yes in your head, gotta find where it’s at’ = I was SUPER anxious our first night/morning in Havana, I wanted to leave, but I got in the taxi to Viñales and it was therapeutic and by that evening I was settled and could have stayed in Cuba forever (funny how polar opposite I can be in 24 hours)
aka I want to go back here ✴ here’s a lil juxtaposition for ya, cause like it IS so Gatsby but also it’s SO not ✴ you (cuba) and me (canada) really ARE a big conversation
‘prohibition in curls’ get it bc the embargo ✴ I can pack up all my stuff and fly home but  I won’t be the same person on the plane ride home as I was on the plane ride here ✴ ‘never caught up in the moment, always begging the past to stay’ = meant this as me with life, was not a commentary on the Cubans’ ability to keep a car running for over half a century
im drinking a piña colada so I quoted the song. im a simple woman. ✴ ‘that’s the way it was but that’s history (or not)’ – get it? cause American imperialism is gone but like the architecture and cars and everything look the so similar because of the embargo?? yes?? no??  ✴ ‘let the games begin’ = ARE YOU READY FOR ALL THE CUBA PICS? HERE, LOOK AT HAVANA, YOU’RE ABOUT TO SEE A LOT OF IT ON MY INSTA. CANT WAIT.
OK SO HERE’S MY ISSUE: Unless you guys follow me on Instagram you don’t know what the original captions are (and even if you do you prob won’t remember, I don’t even). So should I do this picture by picture? I think that would be TOO much, but sometimes the captions are too long to put under the set of 3 with a little extra explanation. Maybe I’ll pick ‘featured pictures’ and go into more detail? I probably won’t have as many pictures posted in April, I’ll be honest. We’ll see, let’s play it by ear. In the meantime let me know what you think and ALSO hit me up on Instagram pls let’s be insta friends!

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