My Top 30 #30Wears

aka — my top 30 most worn pieces of clothing 

The Top 30 #30Wears is a new challenge that I’m starting right here, today! The 30 Wears Campaign was started by EcoAge’s Livia Firth, and aims to bring more awareness to sustainability practices when shopping. The requirements of the challenge are pretty simple– just write a blog post, make a YouTube video, Instagram story, Twitter thread, (ANYTHING) featuring your 30 favourite pieces of clothing that you’ve worn at least 30 times, bringing more awareness to the aims to #30Wears and sustainable shopping practices! You can read more about the campaign, this challenge and why both are so important to me on Essa+Ace – a website I started to resell quality pieces of clothing and talk about issues in the fashion industry. Here is my submission to the Top 30 #30Wears Challenge, my favourite pieces of clothing that I’ve definitely worn at least 30 times.

pretty in pink


1. Top: Bershka
2. Shorts: Forever 21

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all white party


3. Top: Topshop, the perfect every day white tee, I especially love that it has permanently rolled sleeves because mine always fall out during the day
4. Shorts: Forever 21, whenever I wear these shorts and an outfit like this I feel like I’m going to lounge in the Hamptons

5: Jacket: Thrifted, originally Walmart according to the tag

cuffs and cut-outs 


6. Top: Urban Outfitters, I bought this after Taylor Swift wore that shirt backwards to a basketball game… like a real life version of that scene from Mean Girls. It was on sale at UO and V cheap, given the style of the shirt I never thought I would wear it as often as I do but it’s SO easy to style.
7. Shorts: American Apparel, these are classics. The ‘go-to’ AA shorts. MIne are two sizes up which I regretted at first but now I love because I can wear them no matter where my body is at and they always look cute.
Bonus: headscarf is from Ardenes — if you’re looking to add some to your closet look there! They’re really affordable and exactly like the ones you can get at Zara etc. for twice the price.

rainbows and sunshine


8. Top: Winners, again a total bargain, wear it ALL the time despite it being quite noticeable, love love love wearing my pride quite literally on my sleeve in this stylish number
9. Jeans: Topshop (Joni), I’ve had these for a good 5 years and they’re wearing in.. I’ve been considering getting rid of them because they’re SO tight and I’m not about that anymore, but the cut is SO flattering! I can’t bear to part with them just yet.

10. Jacket: Zara, got this on sale after I saw Zoella wearing it and fell IN LOVE with it! again, I thought the colour would reserve this for special outfits but I’ve been trying hard to inject more colour into my outfits and I seriously wear this every other day.

back to basics


11. Top: Zara, I also got this bc I fell in love with Zoella’s and I wore it all winter long. I can’t begin to say how much I love this
12. Jeans: Levi’s (501 straight cut), bought these after searching for what kind of jeans the Haim girls wear and found these! Haven’t stopped wearing them since. This outfit in general was a staple for me throughout the winter.

french kisses, bisou bisou


13. Top: Thrifted, bought this ages ago and my mom hates it (calls it my grandma sweater) but I wear it every other day in the autumn/winter/spring and I LOVE how it fits.
14. Skirt: Thrifted, call this my ‘Rachel Green skirt’ bc it reminds me of her circa season 1. I wear it literally around the clock, every season, all the time. It goes with everything and I love it to heaven and back.
15. Jacket: Thrifted, originally London Fog, what can I say? I love a red coat. the lightweight material makes this great for ‘in between’ days when the weather just can’t decide — also a stylish and practical edition to a suitcase when traveling.

late nights at the library (literally)


16. Top: Brandy Melville, this is years old and I spent FORTY dollars on it. It’s super long and super soft and my go-to comfy tee.
17. Leggings: Lululemon, I fell in love with these in the store and had to have them because they are SO soft and comfy. They’re a legging material but they don’t hug the leg, instead they’re just loose enough that you’re super comfy but don’t lose any shape.
Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
18. Sweater: Primark, bought this in Dublin bc it was 5euros and I had nothing to lose. Remains to be my most-worn sweater and my go-to for downtime. Also LOVE that it matches my leggings.

run? hike? yoga? 


19. Top: Gifted, I don’t know where it’s from but I know it’s made of bamboo and incredibly soft, comfortable and breathable. The first thing I reach for when getting ready for any workout.
20. Shorts: Lululemon, these were basically the uniform lifeguarding shorts from my lifeguarding days… as in EVERY female lifeguard had at least one pair. They’re just super comfy for all walks of life (lol) and I still pick them out every time I do any sort of activity.

take me to the seaside


21. Top: Topshop, bought this for a fortune 6 years back, a year in advance for a school trip to Greece. What can I say? I had a vision. I knew I would love and wear this to death when I bought it and I was 100% correct.
22. Shorts: American Apparel, these are the other set of classic AA shorts. I love these apart from the fact that my bum sometimes peaks out of the bottom in them….. but they’re still really flattering and I still wear them a lot because I just love them so much so!
23. Jacket: Bluenotes, I also bought this in prep for my Greece trip, but I bought it a week before and only because it was a steal of a deal. I still wear it to death 5 years later.

BONUS: hat is from Topshop, I impulse bought it for $50 when I was having a breakdown at Square One in Missassauga – we stopped there during out long layover in Toronto on our way to, you guessed it, GREECE. It was a rough time but at least I got this hat out of it! remember when these were crazy popular? My pictures from Greece sure do!

back to basics 2.0 


24. Top: Gap, at first I didn’t like this because it was ‘too big’ for me, but there’s something to be said about oversized button down. It’s something the friend who has her life together and is the CEO of her own business in a romcom would wear, and it makes you feel like her.
Jeans: Topshop ‘Joni’, see above.
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25. Jacket: Thrifted, originally London Fog, this was the first coat I thrifted, and the one that started my coat thrift shopping obsession, I’ve worn this coat around the world and it’s the first thing I’m packing when I move.

are you overall this? 


26. Overalls: Urban Outfitters, my mom bought me these for Christmas one year and I looooooove them! They’re comfortable like loungewear but you can easily style them up for some kick-ass streetwear looks
27. Top: H&M, another super easy and stylish top to wear — works for both professional and lounge looks, works for staying in and going out, works for pretty much everything.

deer me


28. Top: New Look on ASOS, bought this as a basic for winter and it became an absolute staple in my wardrobe. It works with athletic styles seen here, but also with skirts (#14) and blue jeans (#12) and pretty much anything else you could imagine!
29. Vest: Thrifted, originally Sierra Design, bought this for all my hiking adventures and never looked back.
30. Jeans: Topshop, bought at Hudson’s Bay because they were a steal and I love the colour SO much! They’re perfect for autumn, or just for bringing a little colour and variation to an outfit.

This is one heck of an article and I really appreciate it if you made it this far! I really hope the thinking behind #30Wears becomes more trendy in the next few years, I can’t help but feel disheartened whenever I see haul after haul after haul… there has to be better ways to engage with the fashion industry than just mindless consumerism! I believe there’s a way! We will pave the way!
I hereby nominate any of you reading this w to do the Top 30 #30Wears Challenge any way you want! Whether it be an Instagram story/live video, a blog post like this, a YouTube video, whatever! Just make sure you tag me and I’ll show it tons of love! (My @ on everything is @arcticsabrina). I would also like to nominate some of my favourite creators including Georgie at The Style Transplant, Niomi Smart, Victoria at IntheFrow, Katie at KBOnlineX, and Zoella. This is so old school… I hope it still works!

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  1. This is a wonderful challenge. It not just bring the awareness to sustainable clothing. It also remind us to clean our closet and maybe find our own style. I like it. Let me check out my closet now


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