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Emma Watson is widely regarded as a beautiful woman. Perhaps it’s because we all collectively still see her as our beloved Hermione, or perhaps it’s because she’s been blessed with the beauty genes… Regardless, I love that she doesn’t let the obsession with her looks dictate her beauty routine. Instead, she carves her own path, and challenges herself to fill her makeup bag with cruelty free, eco-friendly, and natural products. At premiers she still makes bold statements, pushes boundaries, and takes risks, meanwhile day to day she focuses on simply enhancing who she is rather than molding her face to the current trends. More than a makeup muse, Emma Watson is my ultimate beauty inspiration.

Emma Watson’s “Into the Gloss” interview was a Game Changer for me. Not only did it send me in the direction of some incredible beauty brands, but both it and the @the_press_tour in general inspired me to apply more conscious practices to my beauty habits. Suddenly, I was inspired to embrace my love for a natural neutral face, rather than trying to learn the latest and greatest cut crease and contour techniques, which just aren’t for me. I leaned into my penchant for a natural look, and was inspired to take it that step further and pick natural, eco-friendly products to create it.
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Emma has completely changed my approach to every day makeup. On her recommendation, I tried out the RMS Beauty Uncover Up Concealer/Foundation, RMS Beauty Tinted Un Powder, and the Body Shop’s Lip and Cheek Tint: the only three products I now use daily. The RMS Beauty Uncover Up Concealer and the Lip and Cheek Stain are both such beloved products that I wrote up reviews of both on here, and I’ve had a review of the Un Powder on the back burner for awhile (didn’t want to inundate you guys with RMS Beauty reviews)! DHC’s Double Protection Mascara also aced my review, and will be quickly replacing my current mascara (Maybelline, I’ve been on a budget) when it runs out. At only $30 it’s a bargain: I’ve tried to find a cheaper dupe, but nothing seems to work nearly as well.
For me, Emma’s beauty inspiration is twofold: she has inspired my approach to my daily makeup routine, and she’s impacted my approach to buying beauty products. I’ve embraced my minimal, natural makeup look, and found ways to enhance my face as it is. On a summer work day, I wear a concealer, a face powder, and a blush (cheek stain). These three products do just enough that I feel good in my skin, and comfortable to go about my day. If I’m going out, or I’m spending the day off out and about, I’ll add a bit of mascara, maybe a brow gel, or some eye shadow. The important thing is that my approach has changed: I’m no longer trying to do things because they’re trendy, and I see other people doing them. When I wear a cat eye, it’s because I like how it opens up my eye, and I love how I look. When I wear a red lip, it’s because it makes me feel like I could kick down any door, figurative or literal, no problem. It’s no longer about trying to look like someone else, but rather focusing on how I feel in whatever makeup I’m wearing.
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On the retail side of things, I’m now more inclined to look for cruelty free, eco-friendly and natural products first. All of the brands she has recommended have exceeded my expectations, which makes me just want to try more. Brands I’ve tried and now love include RMS Beauty (and they’re Canadian! locals!), DHC, and the Body Shop. I still really want to try more products from these brands, and try out some other brands like Ilia. Emma also sent me in the direction of a fantastic resource for eco-conscious beauty lovers: Content Beauty. Content Beauty provides advice on cruelty free and eco-friendly beauty shopping, and they even have their own store. What’s more, they keep you up to date on all of the latest and greatest research in eco-friendly beauty! Definitely give their Instagram a browse if you’re interested.
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RMS Beauty Un Cover Up Concealer, RMS Beauty Tinted Un Powder, The Body Shop Lip and Cheek Stain in Dark Cherry, NYX Brow Mascara, and Maybelline Total Temptations Mascara.
Oftentimes a ‘Makeup Muses’ is someone who inspires me to try a new approach to makeup, but usually that approach is centered around a certain kind of ‘look’. In my original ‘Makeup Muses’ article, you can clearly see this. I go through different celebrities that helped shape my go-to makeup looks. At the end of the day, a lot of these muses, like Emma, have inspired me to change my beauty habits altogether, and I no longer think that article is doing it justice. Moving forward, I want to talk about each and every person who has had a big impact on my approach towards beauty and makeup, though there are few who have been more influential than Emma.
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  1. I also love how Emma Watson looks 😉 I think you’ve created very natural looking make-up! I’m currently using highlighter palette from RMS Beauty and you inspired me to try more products from them ;-).

    • Oh I really want to try that one! I swear… you try one thing from them and you’re hooked! It’s probably a good thing they’re so expensive otherwise I probably would have bought it all by now😂


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