Woolly Sweaters By the Seaside

I think it’s about time I feature a lil outfit post! My wardrobe and style is VERY dependent on the season, and in the summertime I’m very floaty and fresh with my wardrobe. I don’t like anything too flashy, or too high maintenance. I’ll wear the same pair of jean shorts and plain t shirts with Birkenstocks day in and day out. As the weather gets colder, I always somehow find the inspiration to put a lil extra something into my wardrobe. I suddenly want to take the time to do my hair and makeup, and wear skirts with tights and cozy sweaters and turtlenecks. This year, I moved right at the beginning of September, which meant I had to pack up my entire Autumn/Winter wardrobe, and now I’m working through that summer to fall transition on a very minimal wardrobe.
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My go-to statement piece is a big, chunky, woolly sweater, and it seems to fit right in in Scotland. I arrived in Edinburgh on Friday night, and on Saturday morning my roommate and I immediately set out for the sea. Living by the water has always been SUCH an important thing for me. I love the sounds of the waves and the smell of the air, and I find even the sight of water makes me feel at peace. I joke that it’s because I’m a fire sign and my fiery-ness finds balance with the water, but I really think it’s just because I grew up on Lake Superior. If there’s one thing that goes with the sea, it’s me in warm woolly sweaters.

The woolly sweater seems to fit in just right by the seaside because it’s traditionally a fisherman style. Nowadays it’s become more trendy and is worn and loved by all people, but it still has those roots with the sea. It’s almost like I find woolly sweaters so cozy because of their connection with the sea? Weird! The nice thing about the fisherman connection is that you can play up that traditional style to put together an outfit that has a nice flow.

In this case, I added some mom jeans, converse, a navy blue raincoat, and a beret. The mom jeans have a classic cut to them so they’re not too eye-catching, but the short leg and high waist combo is VERY flattering as it makes your legs look super long. The converse are honestly just a staple, I love the grey colour since they’re less common and trendy than the white Chuck Taylors, but they don’t ever look dirty and they still go with everything. The high tops are more comfortable since they don’t dig into your socks, AND you don’t have to wear short socks that sometimes get eaten up by the shoe!
In this case, the raincoat is also reminiscent of a fisherman type of look – less so than maybe a yellow raincoat, but it still has that distinctly masculine and ‘old school utility’ sort of vibe. The beret on the other hand, was something I just threw on thinking my head might get a wee bit cold! I think it ended up working well with the outfit anyways.
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outfit details

sweater: H&M
This sweater is two sizes too big because I stole it from my big sister who is half a foot taller than me. It is THE cosiest sweater that I own, and I flew for two days with it wrapped around my waist because it wouldn’t fit in my suitcase but I didn’t want to leave it behind. Worth every minute of it.
jacket: gap
This was a last minute purchase from the last time I was in Toronto and it started down pouring all of a sudden. I went to the Gap to try to find a raincoat, but they only had bomber jackets (no hood!). I was going to buy a bomber and an umbrella, and then I thought to check the men’s section. Low and behold, there was the perfect raincoat, with tons of pockets and compartments, for a mere fraction of the price I was about to pay! The fact that it’s a men’s coat only adds to how versatile it is. I love to play around with feminine and masculine aspects to each outfit, so this coat is always a nice addition to an outfit! Plus, it’s super practical.
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jeans: pull&bear 
I bought these in Ireland two years ago when I was binge shopping in Dublin to try to make my anxiety go away (it didn’t work). They were a whole size too small, just big enough that I could fit into them, but they didn’t have any other sizes and I was head over heels for them so I bought them anyways. I ended up ripping them a little (not a full whole though!!) once when I wore them after I had gained a lil more chub, but I keep them around because I love them too much to get rid of. I packed them for my move mostly because I *knew* the stress of moving would make me lose a lil weight, and I figured they would fit properly. Three days into the move: I was right on target.
sneakers: converse
These were purchased after I watched Spiderman: Homecoming and Laura Harrier’s character wore a pair and I was like: wow. grey high top converse. major need. I wear them all the time and highkey love them.
290a45b4-bad2-4356-a4db-2b0b336c91bf.jpghat: holt renfrew (thrifted)
I love a good beret, but they were SO hard to find before they came back around as a trend! I scoured thrift shops for one until I found this guy, originally from Holt Renfrew. It’s a bit big, and a little too floppy for my liking, but its woolly and warm and it was the only one I could find, and so I still love it and wear it a lot.
bag: havana! 
An honourable mention, since you can see it in some of the photos. This is just a tote bag that I bought in Havana with Che’s face on it, I carry it around when I’m going to be doing some shopping so that I don’t need to take a plastic bag!
glasses: eyebuydirect ‘daydream’
message me if you want a referral code! I always buy my glasses there because I LOVE buying glasses and they’re way cheaper there.
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Honestly, I’ve been so exhausted from moving and trying to figure out my life that I’ve had very little room for trying to put together outfits! This was one that sort of came together naturally when I thought about going to the seaside. Woolly sweater to keep warm, jeans because they went with the sweater, shoes that were comfy to walk in, raincoat in case it showers, and hat in case I’m cold! Hopefully once we find an apartment and my clothes aren’t strewn about everywhere I’ll be able to organise my closet a little bit better!

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