My Love Affair With My Hair

I’m well known for my dramatic hair changes. Most recently, I drastically cut my very long thick hair to a very short bob, and recut my bangs (see the transformation video). In the past, I’ve had red hair, purple hair, bleach blonde hair, pixie short and very long, I’ve had bangs and grown them out again, I’ve had 70s The Eagles style hair, and also Kardashian inspired hair. The only thing I’ve fully settled on when it comes to my hair is that I will probably never settle for one style.

The wonderful thing about my hair is that it’s thick and takes well to change. I have boxed dyed it to death and it still survived. Once, I, with my box blonde hair, spent eight hours in a pool every day for two weeks straight – without a swim cap – and it only turned the slighted tinge of green. I’ve ordered Bleach London products from third party sellers online and then self-used them, I’ve regularly cut my own bangs and at times had very untrained people cut my whole head. The saving grace is that no matter how badly I’ve messed up my hair, I’ve always been able to come back from it.
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I also should mention, I don’t think there’s ever been a hairstyle that I truly despised when I got it. Save, perhaps, the pixie cut I got by accident (classic hairdressing miscommunication disaster) when I was 11 years old – the worst time to get a mistake pixie cut. I was very fragile about my femininity for awhile. Even when my hair has been an atrocious colour of red that clashes with my skin tone, when it’s gone too lilac with purple shampoo, or when the ends are totally uneven because my sister hacked at it with kitchen sheers, I’ve always still sort of loved it.
More than anything, I love the change that it brings! The reinvention. I can’t imagine being one of those very aesthetic-y instagrammers who sticks to one colour theme, let alone the type of person that sticks to one hairstyle (for some reason, these are similar things in my head). In case you’ve missed it, I thrive on change. I love getting post-breakup hair cuts and the freshness and newness that you feel with them so much that I’ve kept getting post breakup haircuts even though I haven’t gone on a single date in years.

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my hair has been verging back on my Eagles hair recently 

My love for dying my hair has subsided slightly now that I’m an adult with bills to pay (YUCK) and dying your hair is SUPER pricey. I just genuinely cannot budget it because I truly am *that* broke. But, I have my eye on a very cute bubblegum pink bob that I’ll be getting the second that I come into any sort of financial stability. Until then, I’ve had to play around with what I’ve got. First, I started by growing out all of the dye in my hair. That’s right, I grew out my platinum blonde, had it dyed into a more transitional balayage, and then just grew it out until it was long enough to cut all the blonde out – that was about a year ago. Then, I grew my hair out again until it was long brown and all mine. Of course, by the time it was really long and thick and beautiful, I decided I needed to chop it all off.
I was getting my braces off, and the whole time I had my braces I wanted short hair – it became really trendy again! But the braces already made me look like a kiddo and I thought a wee bob would be an overkill. So, a week after my braces came off, so did about 8 inches of my hair (at least). I even documented the transition in a short little vlog!

Now my hair is past my shoulders again and I’m at a loss for my next change. That is, I was at a loss until I came across one of those super aesthetic-y instagrammers – @jerianie – to be specific, who has the World’s Best Hair. I genuinely don’t have words for how much I love her hair, and the kicker is – she has baby bangs. You know, the bangs that are higher than your eyebrows? The ones that people cut into their hair by accident during a mental breakdown, or post-break-up? Except hers are DEFINITELY on purpose, and DEFINITELY look totally perfect. And now I. Need. Them.
That is the story of how and why I got baby bangs, knowing full well that they would never look so effortless and perfect on me, and that I would definitely regret them the next day when I realised they don’t just naturally fall whimsically onto my face like oh, la la, look at me and my perfect bangs. But I was getting sick of my awkward in between fringe bangs and side-swept bangs, and I was getting even sicker at the sight of my forehead (I have a hateful relationship with my hairline, which is a weird thing, but it’s a real thing). So, in came the baby bangs.

Thoughts? I have a theory that baby bangs are about to come back in a BIG way. I’m really hoping I’m right about this because I’ve already taken the plunge and made the commitment to the look. Jump on board, if you dare.
The stylist (Laura at Pout2Perfection)who did my hair was the perfect balance of talented, professional, and chatty. It was MUCH needed to have a good chat with a friendly face, one of the best de-stressers after moving to a new city. And even though right after I got my ‘fringe’ I was convinced I looked like Will from Stranger Things, as per usual, the hair stylist knew what she was doing. I’ve had a few days to settle into my bangs now and I know I’m going to want to keep them this short for a good little while!
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My hair length is just a bit longer than it was the last time I chopped it, but it suits the baby bangs really well! What do you think, are baby bangs coming back?

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