Arthur’s Seat Lit Up Yellow

*This post contains gifted items of clothing, both the coat and the jumper were gifted by Peregrine UK. Peregrine is a brand that I reached out to, to work with because they are Made in Britain, and use sustainable practices. They produce a really high degree of quality in their clothing!
I have been up Arthur’s Seat only once in my life. Situated at the tipy top of Holyrood Park in Edinburgh, it’s quite a little hike to get up, and, to be honest, I usually can’t be bothered. I go up Calton Hill every other week, and I regularly explore the other seven hills of Edinburgh, but I’ve only gone up Arthur’s Seat once. Today was not that day. Today we went up just high enough that we got a decent view, but more importantly, we got to get up close and personal with all the yellow gorse flourishing in Holyrood Park.

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Holyrood is covered in gorse bushes, it’s what made it go up in flames in February, but it’s also what brightens it right back up in the springtime! When all of the gorse blooms the park becomes this beautiful bright yellow, making it the view if you ask me.

What I’m Wearing

The Coat

This coat is a waxed jean coat. It’s incredible. I mostly picked it out because it’s very ‘my style’ and I had no idea that it was actually a very practical raincoat! I gave a two hour old town tour this morning where a handful of women just showered my coat with compliments the whole time and even took pictures of the label so they could go home and order their own! It was my first time wearing the coat, safe to say it was well-received.

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The Jumper

This was the jumper I had my eye on at Peregrine for quite some time. There’s nothing I love more than a white knit jumper, bonus points if it has a high neck. Even as I type this I’m wearing another white knit high neck jumper. You can never have too many.

Outfit Links + Where You Can Find Them:

Coat: Edith Denim Overshirt by Peregrine  [gifted]
Jumper: Funnel Neck Jumper (ecru) by Peregrine [gifted]
Jeans: American Eagle High Waisted Jegging Jeans #30Wears, I’ve had these since high school and I love them to death.
Boots: Blundstones, made in Australia, loved by Canadian millenials everywhere.
Glasses: Eyebuydirect’s Daydream frames
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I just want to say that I’m so thrilled that Peregrine wanted to work with me. I know seeing (gifted) in a post makes it seem less authentic, so I want you to know that I reached out to them because I’ve been on the hunt to really top tier ethical brands to support, and I fell in love with their stuff!

My Love/Hate Relationship With Arthur’s Seat

All of these pictures were taken by my friend Niamh, an avid gorse lover visiting from Ireland. She only captures my best side, as you could see.
Arthur’s Seat is always something I say is maybe a bit ‘overrated’ as a tourist trap. Edinburgh has seven hills to climb, and Arthur’s Seat is the tallest and closest to the centre. But, it also sees a ton of foot traffic, and I don’t think it’s the best view of Edinburgh, forgive me! Instead it’s just very windy and busy, and not that enjoyable in my experience. Holyrood Park, on the other hand, doesn’t get enough attention! It’s perfectly fine to go part-way up Arthur’s Seat, enjoy the views from there and trust that you’ll get a better view somewhere else on your trip.

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That being said, if you’re an avid hillwalker/hiker, it’s definitely worth doing! But if you’re only going up because you feel like you have to, you don’t have to. It will be ok. Alternatives for views include: Calton Hill, Camera Obscura, literally any penthouse restaurant in New Town, the Meadows/Bruntfield Links, and, of course, one of the other seven hills in Edinburgh.
Should I do a post just on the best views of Edinburgh? Hmmmmm.

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