Sondeflor Classic Dress Review

Recently I purchased one of Sondeflor‘s gorgeous linen dresses after seeing them on Instagram and falling in love. The Peter Pan collars, the swooshy skirts, the class of it all! I only splurged out on one because I needed a dress to wear to my brother’s wedding. I figured it’s worth the extra expense since it’s for such a special occasion. Plus, it’s made of linen, by a sustainably-conscious brand, and as long as I treat it right it should last a lifetime. However, it’s still quite the investment, and I wasn’t 100% sure it would be worth it. So, for any of you out there who are in a similar position: here is my comprehensive Sondeflor Classic Dress Review.

Sondeflor Classic Dress in Lavender, with Arthur's Seat in the background

All photos in this article were taken and edited by Tilly Wester. You can see her work on her Instagram, @tillywester.

So Who Are Sondeflor?

What did I tell you? A comprehensive Sondeflor Classic Dress Review. Sondeflor are a Lithuanian clothing company who specialise in linen. They focus on cuts and styles that are timeless, so they generally have a vintage look to them. Their typical dress features a Peter-Pan collar, an A-line waist, and a swingy circle skirt. The most recognisable piece they have is the classic dress, the one I own.

Sondeflor, Sustainability, and the Colsie Approach

Colsie is an old Scots word for cosy. It’s been adopted recently by brands like The Tartan Blanket Company because its meaning really runs deeper. It’s about finding comfort in the quiet moments, and committing to a life of slow living. Sondeflor’s ethos really fit with that, I think. Their approach to sustainability is to make high quality products that will last a lifetime. They take their time handmaking each piece with natural materials to ensure they’re made to last. The products are made with already soft linen, so they’re soft, airy, and comfortable. The idea is that these clothes, made of a timeless style out of materials that will last, will live with you for generations.

Picking Your Size

Sondeflor have a convenient sizing chart with the measurements of each of their sizes. Based off of that, and my own measurements, I went with an extra small. In a store, I’d usually pick up a small. Only on occasions where I want something to fit rather tight would I try an extra small. I felt nervous buying an extra small because I thought for sure it wouldn’t fit, but it did! Their dresses are true to size. A small would have been too big, because really you’re just measuring for the waist and shoulders. The circle skirt is big enough to accommodate any hip size!

Taking The Plunge, Paying The Price

So. These dresses are not what I’d consider cheap. Their classic dress is 197USD. I bought mine during their sale, so it was a bit discounted, but it was still around 150USD. That being said, I absolutely think it’s worth it. It’s an investment piece, start to finish. You have to expect to spend a bit more on investment pieces. I have no doubt that, as long as I don’t stain it, this dress will last me a lifetime. I’m considering investing in a skirt or a different style of dress next time!

How To Style the Sondeflor Classic Dress

The best part of the Sondeflor classic dress review? Of course, the how-to style-it. This is easily just because it’s such a beautiful dress! It’s so timeless that it’s virtually impossible to style poorly. I picked the lavender colour particularly because I thought it would work year-round. Rainy day? Throw on some workboots or some short rainboots, and raincoat and a brolly and you’re on your way! Sunny day? A big straw sunhat, some flats, pick some flowers and enjoy the day! Cooler? Windy? Top it off with a coat and a scarf and some autumn booties and you’re stylish as ever! How would you style it? I dreamed up so many ways before I even bought it! Can’t wait to try them all.

Have you thought about buying one of these dresses? If you have any questions at all, leave them in the comments! Or, let me know which style you think I should go for next time… Because let’s be real, there will be a next time. And I expect it will be sooner, rather than later.

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