My Beauty Must-Haves 2019

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My Skincare and Makeup Basics

Surprise! It’s been a hot second since I wrote a beauty-related post. I was updating old posts recently and realised I haven’t shared my must-haves since 2016! Now I have a very lowkey approach to skincare and makeup. I’m low maintenance. There is one makeup bag in my care, and one little shelf of skincare. Mostly, this is because I’ve really worked out what is essential, and everything else got left behind. These are my beauty must-haves, 2019 edition.

Beauty Must-Haves 2019: Let’s Start With Skincare…

My skincare routine is minimal. I have a toner, a cleanser, and a moisturiser.

Muslin Cloths

This is weird and unexpected, isn’t it? My most must-have product for skincare is not branded. It’s not really, in the traditional way, a skincare product. But muslin cloths have changed my skincare routine. This is what I use instead of spending fortunes on makeup wipes that will outlive me in a landfill, and irritate my eyes and skin. I bought them for $10 on Amazon, and I’ve used them for three years now. I just put some makeup remover on and wipe my makeup off — it works a treat! Makeup removing pads are also a good alternative.

Sainsbury's witch hazel on top of a folded muslin cloth.

Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel has been a game changer. I use it every day. Whenever I’m washing my face, I take in where I have dry patches and where I’m getting a spot. I just put a little dab of witch hazel on the spot. Then, I keep doing so whenever I wash my face until it’s gone! It doesn’t mean I don’t get any spots, but it makes them go away so much faster. I can also put it on if I ever get a rash, so I love that it’s fairly multi-purposeful.

Now For Beauty…

I have a very natural approach to makeup… Because I’ve gotten really lazy. I still like looking glamorous but my goodness, I hate taking makeup off at the end of the day! I don’t want to spend 10 minutes getting it all off! So, day by day I tend to keep things very minimal.

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Smashbox Photo Finish Primer

I’ve always used this primer. Seriously. It’s in my 2016 must-haves list. Today, I love it for the same reasons. It creates a good base to build makeup on top of, it makes that makeup last much longer, and I notice my skin improves when I use it. I haven’t found a single other primer that works this well, so I keep buying this one. Even though it’s a bit… pricy.

RMS Beauty Tinted Un-Cover-Up Powder

When I bought the RMS Beauty Un-Cover Up Foundation/Concealer, I also bought this. It too was heralded by Emma Watson as being fantastic. So I splurged. Now, I’ve run out of the foundation/concealer, and I didn’t replace it because I use the Collection concealer instead and it’s fine. But I couldn’t replace this powder with something else. Or, I haven’t found it yet. It creates this velvety feeling to your skin, it’s amazing. It sets my powder and evens out my complection. Plus RMS Beauty is the best.

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The Body Shop Lip + Cheek Stain

I’ve written this baby an entire blog review. It’s glowing. I have been wearing this every day for years. Seriously. It gives this really healthy blush that lasts all day long. I’ve never encountered another blush that lasts longer than a few hours. Blush is essential to me. Put two and two together and you’ll understand why I love this.

My Beauty Must-Haves 2019, Complete!

There you have it, my must-have beauty products of 2019! Pretty minimal, isn’t it?! As long as the base is well maintained, then everything else follows. At least that’s my motto! I’m still on the hunt for the perfect (and hopefully affordable) eyebrow gel/pencil/product though.

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