The Monthly Memo #3 | Learning to Adult

Hello my fair readers. It is me, learning to adult Sabrina. Fully fledged, nine to five, walking briskly on a fresh Autumn morning with a take away coffee in hand, fully fit to be the next heroine of a Hallmark Christmas movie, Sabrina. Very Important Marketing Executive Living In Edinburgh, adult Sabrina. And last month I was a mere unemployed immigrant! Oh how the fallen have mightied. Please, do read my success story.

As you know from Monthly Memo #2, this month I started working full time. That’s the whole story. I also basically walked into the job. Someone I know knew what I had experience in, and needed someone to do that for their company, so I interviewed and the glove fit. Voila! Tour guide with zero security to office worker with mildly more security. (Not that much more security, but it’s nice to have a roof overhead).

About the Job

I know you’re on the edge of your seat. I’ve been dancing around talking about the job but not getting to any of the nitty gritty details. (Also HI snoopy colleagues, you already know this part!) I’m doing marketing for a marketing company. It’s as simple and complicated as that! All you need to know is that it’s one of those very modern offices where everything is pretty, everyone is funny and they do fun things. I’ve hit the jackpot on offices, actually. Everyone and everything is spot on how you’d want it to be. The best part? They all actually work really hard and it creates an environment where you work really hard without even noticing it.


In non-work-related news, I started this month in Canada! Started it out with some puppy snuggles and quality time at home before heading back to Scotland to start my job. I went from being unemployed and having no responsibilities to working 9-5 while adjusting a time change, it was exhausting! I’m only now getting used to the 9-5 life. It’s hard, I feel for you guys!

Is The 9-5 Life For Anyone?

I haven’t been doing hardly anything else but adjusting. It’s tough to have energy to do anything after working all day. I read a tweet that said “depression isn’t always x y z, sometimes it’s going to work and then coming home and laying in bed all night” and I was like woah there. I’m not depressed!

I’m just tired and trying to adjust, but I’m also definitely struggling to find the energy to do anything after work. It’s getting a bit easier now, I’m even scheduling in Instagram events. But I’ve decided I like to keep social things towards the end of the week. A Monday with a full day of work and then an evening out with friends is too stressful for me right now! Sounds sad when I write it out, ha.

Standing on a beach

What’s I’ve Been Doing (Personally) Professionally

Ah, the world of Instagram. I think this is an exciting part of the Monthly Memo! I like to know what other people are up to behind the sceneson the ‘gram. For me, the invites to events ran dry in September. I didn’t get any emails to my inbox. But! I’m working on another collaboration with Peregrine and I got a cosy new cardigan in the mail. Angus got a jumper too, and we spent a quiet day at the cold Portobello beach to shoot pictures for them. I got nachos afterwards. It was perfect.

What’s Next?!

So that’s September! Now for October. I’m going to Paris, and… I’m moving! It’s the sixth of October right now and I’m actually already in the process of moving. Big things happening this Autumn. Stay posted for Monthly Memo #4!

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