Monthly Memo #4 | Moving In With A Boy

Lovers kiss in Montmartre, Paris

October was a hectic and calm month all at once. I started the month off by deciding to move. I started to get more comfortable at doing my new job and, maybe most importantly, I went to Paris. For some reason the move doesn’t feel like the big thing, even though I know it is! It got overshadowed by my need to settle at work, that I just ended up settling in, in a new place (without hardly realising it!). I think that’s why I’ve been tip toeing around talking about the moving in with Angus, but now it’s time to get down to it.

Harbour Lane, South Queensferry

Two things happened right at the start of the month

One – I finally started to settle into my new job and get used to the 9-5 life. I started to settle into the routine a little too much though. I’m the kind of person who will happily walk home from work, immediately put the TV on, cook dinner and then go to sleep. Basically begging for a slump, and right when it hit, we went to Paris. Perfect timing!

Two – In the meantime, Angus and I were perusing rental options for December/January, and growing increasingly disenchanted with the rental process. We knew moving in was the next step, and one we wanted to make. But… neither of us wanted to take hours and hours off of work to view flats we might not like and probably wouldn’t get. And Angus’ roommate had just moved out. I didn’t decide to move there immediately because, well, it’s a boy flat. It’s always been inhabited by yucky boys. So I told Angus I would only move in if he blitzed the place, and he did.

Photo from my old room in the Primrose flat

New year, new flat

October 5th, exactly a year after I’d moved into my flat on Primrose, I moved into the new place. Kind of. Mostly we just started sleeping there instead of Primrose. I still had a month left to technically live at Primrose so we just started slowly moving things over. And I mean slooooow. It’s 1 November and I still have stuff at Primrose that needs to be cleared out this weekend. Our new flat is coming together nicely, and I imagine in a few weekend’s time and an Ikea visit later will look and feel how we want it to. 

Then, we visited Paris in the rain

In terms of big things, the trip to Paris felt like a bigger life moment. I know that technically it’s not, and that moving in with your partner is a big huge step, but we basically already lived together! He was always around, we just had to have separate time for getting ready in the morning and after work, since his stuff was at his and mine was at mine. Now our stuff is all together and life is just easier! I have less issues with roommates because I don’t have any, and I already knew what I liked and didn’t like about spending every waking moment with Angus. (Dislike: how he ‘washes’ dishes and throws his towel on the bathroom floor. Like: everything else).

A month of firsts for us

So our trip to Paris felt like more of a test. It was our first time travelling abroad together, and, the first time he met Claudia. Claudia is my cousin/friend/soul sister. She’s the closest thing I have to a little sister and was a decisive factor in me dating Angus. She held my hand through the fiasco that was my Carrie Bradshaw phase (read: my phase of going on one Tinder date and over analysing it in ten separate blog posts). The week before our first date, she was the one who prepped me to put myself back out there. When I panicked about ‘how to know’ she’s the one who told me that ‘dating is just going on dates until you decide you don’t want to anymore.’ She’s truly been here from the beginning, and now was her chance to see what came of it. 

Plus, there was the whole ‘returning’ aspect to Paris. I’ve been before, but last time I went I was in a radically different place in my life. I was the fifteen year old teenager who dreamed of living abroad and was basically, as typical-teenager as you can imagine. So I saw Paris in a very different way, and my memory of Paris was clouded by that. Going back was just a really surreal full circle sort of feeling.

Now, what’s next?

So that’s what October has been. A lot of everything and nothing all at once. November will be more of that, I think. I’ll officially move in today, actually! Didn’t realise that until now. Must pause writing to pay rent. Done. I just have a few days to move the rest of my things and then it’s sort, sort, sort! In November I start my new course and work reallllly kicks off with Christmastime busy-ness! Until then, sweet friends. 

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