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I live in rented accommodation so I can’t paint the walls or do anything drastic to change my flat. But, a girl can dream! Pinterest has become a new source of inspiration for homeware, home decor and general interior design for me. I usually don’t know where to start, but I’ve learned a few things about what I really like in a home. ‘Pinspiration for the…’ will be a series where I share some of the posts, ideas and products that have been inspiring me from Pinterest. Pinspiration for the Home (episode one) looks at the three main styles that I’ve developed after some long hard hours spent pinning.

In the captions of each photo I’ve linked back to the original source when I can find it, and whne I can’t I’ve linked to the Pin. If you have an original source that I missed, please let me know in the comments!

Pinspiration for antique living

‘Antique living’ is the term I use for cottage core meets farmhouse interiors. It’s all wrought iron bedframes covered by floral bedding, agas in the kitchen and antique wardrobes.

Some inspiration takes this all the way: every piece of decor looks like it was sourced from a serious antique shop. Others blend antique pieces nicely with more modern living. Personally, I think I’d be happy with either!

Pinspiration for quirky homes

There’s nothing I love more than following a lifestyle Instagrammer with a quirky home. I started this board after I watched a home tour of ‘the pink house‘. I was in awe of a house so full of colour and vibrance! All the little knick knacks called my name. I could picture living in it. But, I just don’t know if I have what it takes to envisage it and then make it happen! Luckily, Pinterest is full of ideas.

I’m talking mustard linen bedding, pink everything, wicker chairs and animal print! Oh, and how could I forget the mid-century modern aspect? I’ve even found some great pictures that mix antique living and quirkiness for supreme interior decor.

Pinspiration for cosy living spaces

Almost nothing is more important to me than having a space that I can relax in. I want cosy sofas, cuddly blankets, cat basking in the sun, turkish rugs and bookshelves.

This section tends to feature a lot of tenements. I don’t think there’s anything cosier than sunlight streaming through a bay window onto a cushy sofa. It also tends to feature clutter – why does clutter feel cosy to me? I think I pinned the below because it was a yoga mat on old wood floors next to plants and I thought “yup, that’s cosy living baby”.

Those are the three main ‘styles’ of interior design that I’ve developed from pinning my heart away. I thought they’d be a good place to start for the ‘Pinspiration for the home’ series. Which is your favourite?

I have over 1,000 pins on my ‘home’ board now, and there’s plenty of boards within that for these styles and various rooms around the house. If you want to explore my Pinterest, feel free!

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