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ArcticSabrina.com started as a high school project by a teenage me who was living in a small, secluded town in Northern Ontario. I felt like she would never do anything cool or exciting with her life. It was about the time that YouTube first really kicked off, and this landscape of online creating was emerging. It felt like something no one in my hometown would do, so I started doing it and I dared people to laugh at me for it (I’m sure they did).

Fast forward, I finished high school while writing reviews of my favourite beauty products. Then I started university, writing more about slow fashion and travel. I started working in social media, putting the little things I had learned about SEO and content creation to work. When I finished university, I was desperate to keep going to school but also desperate to leave my hometown once and for all. In the end, I chose leaving, and I moved to Edinburgh.

‘I don’t even have a pla-‘ was my go-to friends quote to recite back to every middle-aged-friend-of-my-parents who asked me what I was going to do when I moved. Well, eventually I started tour guiding in the Old Town, and I kept writing, but more full-time. I started writing more seriously about the things I came here to do. Coming of age, and dating, and then about things I started to have a niche knowledge of. Short holiday trips around Scotland, and, of course, Edinburgh.

ArcticSabrina Today!

Now, I self-identify as an ‘slow living, slow travel blogger’. I still share outfit posts, but they’re more about the cool places in Edinburgh that I want to share!

I’m doing my Masters in History, and I freelance as a digital marketer as Waterlilies Digital Marketing. Now, I regularly work with Scottish based and sustainable companies such as the Tartan Blanket Co., the Scottish Government and Ana Luisa. I share sponsored content on my Youtube, blog and Instagram – but only if it fits. Often, I work with these brands to create content for their own websites and social media. You can request my media kit by emailing below.

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Business contact: arcticsabrinabusinss@gmail.com


  1. Lunar says

    Hi, I love reading your blog every time a new post comes out. I am a gamer and design student not a blogger but I was wondering if you had any advice? Thanks!

    • Sabrina says

      I would just say blog about things you’re interested in because your enthusiasm about it can be felt by the reader. Also make sure you use tags (but only 15) so you can have your posts be found by more bloggers. Play around with WordPress themes to pick one that you like and play around with the different settings they have and get to know it a bit better! As you write more posts you’ll find posts that you like writing and posts that you don’t like writing as much! For me, I don’t really like doing favourites of the month but I really like doing reviews! Just start writing and feeling stuff out, make friends with some other bloggers by looking at tags you’re interested in and commenting on posts you like!

  2. Durinda says

    Hi Sabrina,

    Thanks for liking my post on my blog Durinda’s World. I look forward to checking out your blog! I myself am a shoe fanatic, love, love, love them!

  3. My Thoughts says

    you know what we are similar.
    i am a 19, full time student. I just started blogging (didn’t post yet). I agree with you. It’s hard to manage the time especially when you have a lot of school related stuff. And also you don’t have to buy expensive products to have a good blog/posts. I really like your blog.Keep going. 🙂

  4. Josh Gross | The Jaguar says

    It’s wonderful to “meet” you Sabrina! I’m impressed that you’re able to maintain this blog so well while also going to school full time and working. If you don’t mind, how do you find time for all of this? I’m about to be going back to school too, and am wondering how I’ll find time for blogging when classes begin.

    • Sabrina says

      Thank you! For me blogging & YouTube are my absolute favourite hobbies because I can work on them and still feel like I’m working towards a finished project, all the effort I put in is tangible. I honestly just really enjoy blogging, so when I’m fed up with school work or just want a break I tend to turn to my blog to do some work there instead. I’m always writing about things that I’m already interested in or know a bit about, and I just put in the work whenever I have the time to and then schedule it to be posted at a decent time of the week. Usually it all works out to being around one or two posts and at least one video a week, but the work goes in whenever I can find the time 🤗Hope this helped! Good luck 😋👍🏻

      • Josh Gross | The Jaguar says

        Thanks Sabrina! I definitely like the idea of writing about things that you’re already thinking about or know something about, because researching totally new topics can take a lot of time. Since my classes will be somewhat related to the theme of my blog, I suppose I could write about the things I have to study for school anyway.

        I’m glad it always works out for you in the end! That makes me feel less worried about how I’ll keep up with my own blog.

        Thanks for your response! It’s been very reassuring!

  5. makeingitup says

    I can totally relate as a full-time college student myself. As much as I love trying new products, a lot of the time it’s just not all that possible. Blogging is a very new hobby of mine as well. I’m trying to find the time (and motivation, if I’m being honest) to be consistent with my posts. I look forward to following and seeing more of your posts! 🙂

    • Sabrina says

      Yeah it’s a bit of a struggle juggling blogging and school, but I always come back to it even if I take some time off like I have recently hahaha, I’m glad you can relate!! x


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