Canadian Living in the Edinburgh

Let’s catch you up:

ArcticSabrina.com started as a high school project by a teenage me who was living in a small, secluded town in Northern Ontario, and felt like she would never do anything cool or exciting with her life. It was about the time that YouTube first really kicked off, and this landscape of online creating was emerging and it felt like something no one in my hometown would do, so I started doing it and I dared people to laugh at me for it (I’m sure they did).

Fast forward, I finished high school while writing reviews of my favourite beauty products. Then I started university, writing more about slow fashion and travel experiences. Then I started working in social media, putting the little things I had learned about SEO and content creation as a necessity to this hobby of mine to work. But then I finished university, and I was desperate to keep going to school but also desperate to leave my hometown once and for all. In the end, I chose leaving, and I moved to Edinburgh.

‘I don’t even have a pla-‘ was my go-to friends quote to recite back to every middle-aged-friend-of-my-parents who asked me what I was going to do when I moved. I ended up getting a job as a tour guide in the Old Town, and I kept writing, but more full-time. I started writing more seriously about the things I came here to do: about coming of age, and dating, and then about things I started to have a niche knowledge of, short holiday trips to cheap places Ryanair flies, and, of course, Edinburgh. I do still write about ‘fashion and beauty’ but it’s much more along the lines of ethical consumerism. I still share outfit posts, but they’re more about the cool places in Edinburgh that I want to share!

Business contact: arcticsabrinabusinss@gmail.com

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