Wild Camping Near Edinburgh

a woman with braided hair sits in the foreground on a beach looking out at a sunset of orange and blue

Hello happy campers! This article will share with you the best spots near Edinburgh for wild camping. Wild camping is a great option for any adventurous spirit who lives in Edinburgh and doesn’t have access to a car. Edinburgh has great transport links, but it can be tough to find places off the beaten path. One August, in the midst of Edinburgh’s Fringe, I went on a winding public transport trip to Callander just to feel like I’d escaped a bit. Luckily, there are places a lot closer to home that don’t require as long on the bus to get to. Here are the best places to go wild camping near Edinburgh – and how to get there.

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My Classic Wedding Outfit

In my mind I’ve worn a thousand different outfits to my wedding. A tea length dress with a ballet tulle skirt, very Dégas. A white dress and leather jacket, heels not included. A sleek two piece outfit, no top underneath because I’m chic and risquée. The very real short, sparkly, 70s style minidress I saw online but couldn’t track down. These flitted in and out of ideas of weddings I had but never planned, with men and women I’ve never known or met. Just daydreams, really! And the real thing couldn’t have been more different. In my dreams, my outfit was so clear. The aesthetic was there. In real life, it was a bit of a jumble to get to the classic wedding outfit I ended up with. Let me explain.

A bride and groom standing in an archway.

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Everything You Need To Know About Brandheroes

Brandheroes is an micro-influencer marketing platform used by brands and influencers alike. Based in the Netherlands, Brandheroes is a growing platform used by many well known and respected businesses. For influencers, it’s a useful tool to know about. The app connects them with well known clients and helps them build their portfolio. So, here’s everything you need to know about Brandheroes.

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How I Went Freelance

Hi friends! Maybe you’re here because you want to know how to go freelance, but I’m going to say it right off the bat: I don’t know! There’s no one right way. On today’s episode of the Monthly Memo I’m talking about how and why I started freelancing. I haven’t done a Monthly Memo since April because… to be honest, there’s not a lot going on in lockdown! And my only updates sucked. They were like “I’m missing my wedding today” and “I miss my dog a lot” – not exactly fun, blog worthy material. On the other hand, since April I’ve been working away at becoming a freelancer. And here we are.


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Top 10 Things to do in County Clare

The Irish countryside is one of the best places to travel solo. It has a thriving tourism industry, but the authenticity of culture hasn’t been spoiled by the many tourists who pass by. Most of them will pop in and out on a day trip to the Cliffs of Moher, but there’s a lot more to discover. Here are my top 10 things to do in County Clare.

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My Skincare Counter

the body shop skincare routine - vitamin c cream, facial stimulator, drops of youth serum

I’ve had a love/hate relationship with skincare. I’m definitely not the person who has always had a retinol, or a vitamin C, or gua sha in her skincare routine. Instead, I’m a solid: I put moisturiser on regularly and I clean my face before bed every night. I’m interested in the rest of it, but I’ve never really taken the time I needed to learn about skincare in a deeper way. Until now, that is. I’ve not been wearing much makeup lately, and I’ve replaced my makeup ‘me time’ with skincare ‘me time’!

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Pinspiration For The Home

I live in rented accommodation so I can’t paint the walls or do anything drastic to change my flat. But, a girl can dream! Pinterest has become a new source of inspiration for homeware, home decor and general interior design for me. I usually don’t know where to start, but I’ve learned a few things about what I really like in a home. ‘Pinspiration for the…’ will be a series where I share some of the posts, ideas and products that have been inspiring me from Pinterest. Pinspiration for the Home (episode one) looks at the three main styles that I’ve developed after some long hard hours spent pinning.

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