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Lina Hayes Photography - Glen Coe, Autumn
Photo by Lina Hayes Photography

With all the self isolating and social distancing that’s going on, small businesses have been the first to suffer. So, below you’ll find tips my friend Lina and I put together on how to help small businesses through this. But, step one is to take care of yourself. Try not to panic. Take some deep breaths and time away from the internet, give yourself the space you need to recenter. Then, when you’re ready and want to learn what we can do to support the people we love and their businesses, read below.

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Tips For Slow Travel in Tallinn x TBCo

For a lot of people, travel has become a game of seeing how many boxes you can check… This is not for me. Slow travel, on the other hand, the conscious opposition of this busy body travel, is right up my alley. It’s about mindfully traveling in a way that lets you tap into the local culture. I didn’t know there was a word for this kind of travel until I perused the Tartan Blanket Co. blog! So, when planning the ultimate slow travel trip to Tallinn, with its medieval old town and colourful cobbled streets, I got in touch with my fav people at TBCo. Slow travel and the colsie TBCo. ethos go hand in hand. We partnered up to bring you the best tips for slow travel. Plus, their products look amazing against the pastel Tallinn cityscape! You’ll see a lot of fabulous woolly products in these photos, these were borrowed from TBCo.

Here are my top tips for slow travel in Tallinn (and most places!). If you’ve been looking for ways to slow down and really enjoy your holiday in a new way, this is for you. 

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Monthly Memo – I got engaged!

Well, well, well… here we are again for another monthly memo. This one goes out to everyone who is nosy and invested in personal lives (like me!). Lucky for you, February was a massive month for me! I got engaged, I went cat sitting, I quit my job! All equally big things. Here’s what happened in February, and what’s coming in March.

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Romantic Things to do in Edinburgh

In honour of Valentine’s Day, I asked my dear sweet boyfriend, fiance, life partner, to make a list of the most romantic things to do in Edinburgh. These are dates we’ve been on, some of our favourite places to visit, things we do on an average Sunday, and things we do on special occaisions. It takes you from otter spotting to hill climbing. From museum hopping, to the pizza wars of Dalry Rd, to vintage cinemas: these are the most romantic things to do in Edinburgh…

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My Jewellery Collection

jewellery collection

I’ve collected jewellery more than I’ve worn it. I still have beaded necklaces I got as gifts when I was five years old. There are rings I’ve never worn, necklaces that don’t sit right and bracelets I absolutely cannot put on one handed so I never wear. But, there’s also pieces that fill me with nostalgia, or make me feel closer to my mom. Admittedly, there’s also pieces that I just think look cute. So, this is my jewellery collection in all it’s glory. My every day jewellery, my sentimental jewellery and, most embarrassingly, my jewellery storage.

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How I Moved to the UK from Canada

I was born and raised in Thunder Bay, Ontario. I studied my HBa in history at the local university, and had worked for the government in a variety of capacities by the time I was 22. Then, two months after graduating I moved to Edinburgh. I wasn’t on a work visa, or a student visa. I moved using this miraculous visa that the commonwealth has – the Tier 5 Youth Mobility Visa. This blog post is a beginning to end scope of how I moved to the UK from Canada. How I got my visa, what my visa is, what happened once I got here and all sorts of nosy personal bits in between!

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Monthly Memo #5 Christmas CHAOS

So, my Monthly Memo series is my one post a month where I talk about all things me. What’s going on in my personal life, what I’ve been up to for the past month, and where I’m headed next. This is #5. December 2019. Oh where to begin with December. I didn’t post a single blog post in all of December because work and then family absolutely took over. And I loved it. I had my first December working for an agency, my first Scottish Christmas, my first Christmas with Angus’s family, my first Hogmanay in Edinburgh. So many firsts! Busy and magical, that was December.

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