The Benefits of Rosehip Seed Oil

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I’ve been on a mission to revamp my skin care routine ever since my skin decided to get a million times more sensitive this past year 😦 I picked up rosehip seed oil after seeing Zendaya recommend it (that girl’s skin GLOWS, ok?) and it turns out it’s perfect for my dry and sensitive skin. Continue reading

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Must Have Summer Beauty Products

Summer time is my FAVOURITE time, and I’m only a lliiiittle biased as a summer baby. I love hot summer days that just give off life and energy and put everyone in a good mood, I love spending my days outside and feeling the warm breeze and I love the smell of sunscreen and grass and I love seeing people out and about everywhere I go. No matter what you’re up to, there are people around doing people things and I LOVE IT! (Maybe) my favourite part of summer is the easy breezy makeup. The summer sun adds a little colour and glow to your face, and you start whipping out SPF tinted moisturizers and all the lowkey makeup products that create a classic, effortless, beachy beauty look. Here are my go-to summer products! Continue reading

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Sailor Style for the 4th of July

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Makeup Muses

Aloha pals! As you may very well know, I find a lot of fashion inspiration from musicians, actors and the like. BUT did you know that inspiration extends to makeup as well? While I tend to focus on the fashion side of things over here on my blog, I’ve done a number of celebrity inspired makeup tutorials over on my youtube channel.

The reality is that I seriously lack creativity when it comes to makeup, whenever I try to play around with it it looks like I’ve been playing, and never turns out right. I just don’t really have a clear vision when it comes to makeup, so instead I turn to celebrities who I think have just smashed it. Continue reading

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Sephora Shopping Guide

Aloha pals! Sephora’s grand opening in Thunder Bay is almost upon us! In honour of this very exciting event, I thought I would share my 10 go-to purchases from Sephora as a little shopping inspiration for those of you who want a lil something but don’t know what to buy! I’m not yet 100% sure what products will be available at our store (here’s hoping most of the good ones) but here are my top 10 things to buy from Sephora!  Continue reading

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Sparkles and Sunshine and PRIDE

Happy Pride month my little rays of sunshine(that’s u!)!!!!! Yesterday was Thunder Bay Pride Parade and even though it was a wee bit rainy to kick off, the sun was shining by the end of the day and I had a GREAT time! Today I’m here to offer a little inspiration if you’re not 100% sure what to wear to Pride, or you’re just curious as to what I wore, or you don’t know why you’re here and reading this but you are so… (thank you!!!)

pride 2 Continue reading

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What’s In My Wardrobe?

What’s in my wardrobe videos are my all! time! favs!!!! Naturally, I decided to film my own, in part because maybe one or two of you might be interested, and in part because future me will DEFINITELY want to rewatch this sometime down the line and laugh and cringe at old me and go ‘goodness me what WAS I thinking?!’ Can’t. Wait. For your curiosity – watch below!

I go through all my favourite pieces and some that are often featured right here on the blog! I’m also wearing one of my all time favourite tops IN the video. There is also a weird dance/try-on/I-don’t-even-know-what-to-call-this part. It’s fun. Well worth the watch, (but I’m a little biased).

If you have any questions about where I found something or if you want to see more: hit me up in the comments! I alllllways answer.

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