Lifestyle | Another School Year Down!

Friends! Just wanted to check in with you all and see how it’s going?! I officially finished my exams last Wednesday and I’m still in recovery mode. I’m already a bit sad to be done but everyone needs a good break now and again! And let’s be real I need the time off to save up enough money to go back to school next year😂

I did try to vlog this week but as you can see from the lack of new video on my channel it just didn’t turn out how I wanted it to. 🙁 I think I’m going to do a proper adventure vlog tomorrow instead 😊

ANYWAYS! I wanted to explain my recent blog absence and wanted to say congrats if you’ve finished another year, or wish you good luck if you’re heading into exams soon! Love you all, I’ll be back to my regular weekly postings now, thanks for sticking by 😊

xx Sabrina

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Beauty | Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes

Hi friends, It’s that time of the year again, exam time 🙁 I hope all of you’re all doing well despite the stress of exams! Today I want to show you how I wash my makeup brushes. I only started washing my brushes this year; I just never thought to before. At first I would just wash them with makeup remover, but it took so long and was so messy that I decided to pick up Sephora’s Purifying Brush Shampoo. It was nice to have a product that’s meant to be cleaning your brushes – I’m not really sure what the difference is but I imagine it’s more gentle on the brushes, removes the makeup better, etc. Then I saw a little DIY hack on Pinterest that I decided to try out….

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Fashion | Mastering the Glam Overall Look

Friends, let me introduce you to my favourite pun to put on Instagram – a picture of me in my overalls looking bored with the caption “I’m overall this” HA. Classic.

Today I’m going to show you how I style my overalls! I love overalls, but at the same time I have an image to uphold. Okay that’s a lie, but I just don’t want to look like I’ve just stepped off a farm (not that that’s a bad thing, just not my personal style). So for me, I want to wear overalls but I still want to look put together. Not always an easy task….

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YouTube | March Beauty Favourites

Hi friends! I know monthly favourites and a fan favourite on WordPress, so you’ll be happy to hear that this week’s video is my beauty favourites of March 🙂 If you don’t know, I post videos every Sunday at 1pm on my youtube account My content is very similar to my blog, it’s all beauty, fashion or lifestyle. It means a lot to me when fellow bloggers check out my account, I love seeing your friendly faces there!


Lifestyle | 5 Quick & Easy Healthy Breakfasts

Hi friends! How are you? Are you surviving school/exams? What have you been up to? Hope you’re well!

I don’t know about you, but breakfast foods are my all time fav foods. I hate getting up when it’s dark out (aka: early) as much as the next girl but one thing that motivates me to get out of bed is the thought of breakfast. When I’m falling asleep I think “Hmmm, what shall I have for breakfast tomorrow?” If I’ve had a bad day I come home and make waffles or crepes and load them on with chocolate, strawberries and bananas. I live for the typical brunch foods – crepes, croissants, fresh fruit, etc., so it can be hard for me to make the decision to have a healthy breakfast. I won’t do it unless it’s equally as yummy, so I’ve created a few of my own easy breakfast recipes that are bit healthier than those brunch staples….

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March in Instagram!

Hi guys, it’s already another month by! I can’t believe how fast March went by, craziness I tell ya. This year I’ve been sharing my months as seen through my instagram (@arcticsabrina):




instagram march 2016 x2

todays tshirt ~ #tbt warhol exhibit ~kylie lip kit in posie K

degas’ ballerinas ~ pics from my TMI tag video ~book appreciation post

my kylie lip kits had come in! ~ sunny spring day ~ #tbt baking macarons

instagram march 2016 x1

mirror selfies ~ #tbt bathesda fountain ~ boyfriend’s birthday post!

#tbt forbidden city flowers ~ filming background ~ new coat from forever 21

#tbt shanghai waterfront ~ #tbt the lockhart pub ~ good morning selfie 🙂

instagram march 2016

Happy International Women’s day! ~#tbt corinthian roman columns ~ me ft warhol

#tbt nyc in the winter ~ the louvre ~ #tbt adventuring around Gibraltar

smoothie bowl ~ #tbt nyc from the brooklyn bridge ~ ming chinese ceramics

ootd ~ nonna’s house ~ last post of feb: #tbt santorini

That’s all for March! I really tried to be more active on my Instagram this month, I’ve found it really fun and I’ve found more bloggers and youtubers this month than ever before just from being more active. You can follow me here or just search up ‘arcticsabrina’ on the app 🙂 Hope you all had a great month!

xx Sabrina

Fashion | Celebrity Style Icon Taylor Swift

Aloha friendsies! Today is the beginning of a new collection of posts – celebrity style icons (for myself of course). I’ll be posting one of these each week featuring a different celebrity who’s style I either love or really respect. Disclaimer: all the pictures I use in this post are not my own and were found on Google images.

had to start with Taylor because she’s someone I never looked up to in terms of fashion before this year. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always been a fan of hers but I never really looked to her for fashion inspiration – until she moved to New York. One boring day last year I logged onto tumblr to find that my dashboard had been flooded with pictures of Taylor’s street style of the day, this was the picture I saw: tswift x8

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