Best Cruelty Free Makeup Brands at Sephora

Now that I (FINALLY) have a local Sephora to shop at, I'm thinking more about showcasing brands that are A. super hyped, B. easily accessed (ahem Sephora),  and C. still cruelty free. One of my biggest cruelty free turn offs is the wealth of CF beauty bloggers who only ever showcase verrrrry hippy/unknown brands. I … Continue reading Best Cruelty Free Makeup Brands at Sephora


Beauty | Autumn Makeup Routine

My autumn makeup routine has been dominated by the Modern Renaissance palette by ABH. Since I'm at Uni almost every day, I've adapted a simpler look that incorporates the palette's warm autumnal colours in a very natural way. I love this palette, but I've only ever seen makeup tutorials that were a bit too much for … Continue reading Beauty | Autumn Makeup Routine

Anastasia Beverly Hills | Modern Renaissance Palette Review

I'm coming at it from the same perspective as a lot of you are - is it really worth the money, or is it just all hype? I always see products like this one, like the Kylie Lip Kits, that every YouTuber and Instagrammer instantly gets their hands on just because they know it'll get them tons of hits. I'm always left wondering if it's actually worth it, or are they only on board for the views? WELL, in terms of the Modern Renaissance palette, here's my answer 🙂