Classic Fashion Pieces You Should Own

While style develops and trends come and go, there are a few pieces that are so timeless and versatile that they should be in everyone's closet. Here is a list of ten pieces to invest in, because they're not going anywhere. 


Sparkles and Sunshine and PRIDE

Happy Pride month my little rays of sunshine(that's u!)!!!!! Yesterday was Thunder Bay Pride Parade and even though it was a wee bit rainy to kick off, the sun was shining by the end of the day and I had a GREAT time! Today I'm here to offer a little inspiration if you're not 100% … Continue reading Sparkles and Sunshine and PRIDE

November in Instagram!

I know, I know, I missed October 😦 If you're new around here - throughout the year I've been posting a review of my month as seen through my Instagram. I find it's a nice way to show you guys what I get up to in between blog posts (and also showcase my stellar photography … Continue reading November in Instagram!


September in Instagram!

You must know the drill by now - each month I post an overview of my Instagram posts, just to show you all what I get up to when I'm not blogging! You can see my actual instagram by clicking here. Here's Septemeber: (The pictures run from most recent to least, top to bottom, left to … Continue reading September in Instagram!


Lifestyle | Opened an Etsy Shop!

Aloha friends! As you can tell from the title of this post, I've got me some exciting news - we opened an Etsy shop! You can click to it here: Who Are We? BASICALLY - My mother is quite the potter now and we have an overflow of all her beautiful pottery dotting the house … Continue reading Lifestyle | Opened an Etsy Shop!


Travel | Exploring Athens

Here are a couple of my favourite pictures from my adventures in Athens!


Travel | Warhol Revisited

'Warhol Revisited' was a little Andy Warhol exhibit on Bloor St, close to the ROM. It has a rotating collection of Warhol pieces and was on until January 2016! I went to it on Sunday, while my mom was running the Scotiabank marathon. It's only $6 with a valid student card and though it's a … Continue reading Travel | Warhol Revisited