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2CBAA2E5-FD37-4C1A-B999-04FC3A12ED07.JPGYou probably didn’t notice (and I don’t hold that against you) but I haven’t written on my blog in over a month. I’m not moving on from blogging, but rather, I’m moving out. As in out of my house. I’m doing that big life transition where you move out of your family home and move into the big bad adult world. And I’m not just starting a new part of my life, I’m starting almost completely fresh. To be honest, I’m pretty much setting myself up for failure. I’m Rachel, on Friends, moving to New York to live with her friend, except I’m moving overseas not just to the city, and I don’t have daddy’s credit card to get me through the first bit, and I don’t have a cushy apartment that for some reason I can afford on minimum wage….

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One Lovely Blog Award!

Alohaaaaaa palsies! I was nominated by amanpan who has a very dynamic, wholesome blog and shares some interesting thoughts and stories, and has a very cute cat. She’s also always leaving really thoughtful and kind comments, definitely someone you want to check out 🙂

one lovely blog award

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Lifestyle | Making & Having Internet Friends

Hi friends! I was sitting here thinking “what can I write about that I don’t need to take pictures for” (because I’m in midterms and it’s just not something I have time for) and that’s when I thought of this. I’m hoping this post will just clarify some questions people might have about making friends with people you’ve never met.

To some, the concept of internet friends might sound dangerous and stupid. If that’s what you think, I respect that and I get where you’re coming from; I just want to explain my perspective. The biggest thing is …I’m not an idiot. Technology isn’t new to me, I grew up with it and had alllll the seminars on the dangers of the internet at elementary and middle school. I’m aware of catfishers but the friends that I’ve made are far from dangerous people. …

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