17 Moments from 2017

There were a lot of Kodak moments for me this year. There was also a lot of horribleness around the world this year. In the interest of letting my readers get to know me a little better and sharing a little personal happiness from the year I decided to share 17 of my memorable moments from 2017! (All good, of course).

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Lifestyle | Bucket List 2016

Hellllllloah friends! Today my sister posted her own bucket list blog post and inspired me to do the same! If you want to read her’s just click here. About 3 or 4 years ago one of my friends bought me a lovely little antique teapot for my birthday. I couldn’t use it for tea and I didn’t really like that it was just sitting collecting dust in my room. So, one day I was really fed up with my boring old life and I decided to write down my bucket list and keep it in my teapot so I could pull it out and add to it and such whenever I wanted. Since then I’ve started writing down things I would like to do on bits of paper and tossing it in. Today, I have lots and lots of paper and I’ve actually accomplished a few things as well! bucket list x1

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Lifestyle | New Year’s Resolutions

Hi guys! It’s been awhile, I hope you’ve all had great holidays! I haven’t been able to create my Christmas gifts and boxing day shopping hauls as I’ve got about half my extended family staying at my house at the moment, so things are crazy busy and crowded! I will have a ‘What I Got for Christmas & Boxing Day Haul’ video on my YouTube channel (youtube.com/arcticsabrina), so head over there if you’d like to watch that! I may end up splitting them up and doing one part on my YouTube and one part on here, I’ll figure it out! In the meantime I’ve been working on my resolutions, it’s been a few years since I’ve done them! There’s a few things I’ve thought of that I want to put down in writing to remind myself throughout the year….

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