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Migrating East | Life Updates

2CBAA2E5-FD37-4C1A-B999-04FC3A12ED07.JPGYou probably didn’t notice (and I don’t hold that against you) but I haven’t written on my blog in over a month. I’m not moving on from blogging, but rather, I’m moving out. As in out of my house. I’m doing that big life transition where you move out of your family home and move into the big bad adult world. And I’m not just starting a new part of my life, I’m starting almost completely fresh. To be honest, I’m pretty much setting myself up for failure. I’m Rachel, on Friends, moving to New York to live with her friend, except I’m moving overseas not just to the city, and I don’t have daddy’s credit card to get me through the first bit, and I don’t have a cushy apartment that for some reason I can afford on minimum wage….

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YouTube | My Favourite Books!

My latest video is a bit different than I’m used to but I really love it! I went through my top 8 favourite books of all time and chatted about what they’re about/why I love them.

Watch it here:

If you have any book recommendations or if you’ve read any of these and want to chat about them leave a comment below!! ALSO: if you’re a subscriber let me know how you feel about these types of videos/which videos you’d like to see more of!

x Sabrina

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Summer Favourites 2016

Aloha friends! I’ve decided to put together a little ‘summer favourites’ post now that summer’s winding up (at least here up north it is!). Hopefully this will give those of you who have a bit longer of a summer season some late-summer inspiration! x…

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Food | The Lockhart (Toronto)

Hi guys!! For some reason this originally posted but then somehow ended up in my drafts afterwards and I didn’t realise until now! SO sorry about that, here’s a little review of ‘The Lockhart’, a Harry Potter themed bar in Toronto….

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