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Tips and Tricks for the Best Matte Lips

Matte lips have been in for awhile now, from Taylor Swift’s iconic red lip to the craze around ColourPop and Kylie’s Matte Lip Kits they’ve proven they’re here to stay. Before the days of lip kits and liquid matte lipstick, and before I had any kind of disposable income to spend on those products I had to develop my own more crafty ways to get a matte lip.

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Review | Kyshadow Holiday Palette

13148I have been wanting to order a “kyshadow palette” ever since Kylie launched the first version – the bronze palette. The bronze palette has a ton of really lovely brown shades, but I already had an abundance of those so I never ordered one(though I hear they’re great, my friend Meredith did a review of hers which you can read here). THEN the burgundy palette came out. I’m a huge fan of orange and red eyeshadows, I’ve been wearing them a ton this autumn season. However, I had just purchased the Modern Renaissance palette which has a bunch of burgundy tones in it, so again I passed up on ordering one. A few weeks ago I was checking my emails and I had only just received a promo email from Kylie Cosmetics saying the Holiday collection had gone on sale. I really only intended to see how quickly the palette was selling out but I wasn’t paying attention to what I was doing, and there was no waiting for my cart to process (which often happens when ordering from Kylie Cosmetics, as things sell out so fast they want to make sure they have enough of the product left for you), and I ended up buying it without really realising it. It’s kind of a funny (or very embarrassing) story so there you go. Online shopping is a dangerous game my friends, but here we are.


What is it? 

Kylie Cosmetics has put out three eye shadow palettes – they call them Kyshadow palettes. I kind of hate it. The palettes have great reviews in terms of colour tones and pay off and blend-ability. Everyone who has one has said they use most if not all the colours in the palette on a regular basis, and every colour tone goes with every other one. Each palette has 9 eyeshadow pots. The bronze palette has a variety of shimmer and matte browns, the burgundy has a variety of shimmer and matte oranges/reds. The holiday palette, on the other hand, was created by Kylie for the holiday season(obvs), and has a variety of colours as well as shimmer and matte options! My favourites are still the matte colours, but I do need a little shimmer every now and again, especially during the holiday season. I love that this palette has a variety of colours, especially those (like green??!) that I don’t have anything similar to. There are both darker tones and lighter tones in the palette. I can also add to the growing crowd that claims that colour pay off and blend-ability is great (though not as great as the Modern Renaissance palette in my opinion). While every colour is great for the holiday season, I don’t think it has enough options to be the only palette I use for holiday looks, even now I tend to use some colours from the MR palette whenever I use this one. 91012

About the Product

This is where I talk about animal testing/manufacturing, if you care about these things (you should!!) make sure you read this bit. As I stated in my previous review of Kylie’s lip kits and Koko Kollection, Kylie Cosmetics manufactures their products at a factory in California. While she was in the process of creating and kicking off her lip kits, Kylie was constantly snapchatting and sharing the process and the ‘behind the scenes’ of the manufacturing. I love this. I love that Kylie isn’t outsourcing to other countries though they may offer cheaper labour costs. I also love that she’s manufacturing in California because I believe, and let me know if I’m wrong, that this means she has to abide by the Californian state laws regarding what kind of chemicals can go into products. I’m 99% sure that California has tougher laws on such things in comparison to other states. When it comes to animal cruelty, all of Kylie’s products are 100% cruelty free, another huge A+ in my books.


Each Kyshadow palette costs $42 USD. From my experience, this is about average cost for an eyeshadow palette. Since these palettes are of great quality and are ethical, which is more than a lot of other palettes of around the same price can say, they’re totally worth the cost. However, international shipping (I live in Canada) on Kylie Cosmetics is $15 🙁 I bought this literally two days!! before she had a free international shipping promotion. Not cool. Lucky for you, Kylie Cosmetics is doing a ton of promotions for Christmas, so just keep your eye on their social media accounts, and maybe sign up for emails and make sure you’re getting the most that you can for your money!


Here is each colour as it shows up, I swatched them using my fingers (lol, these next two pictures have not been processed and the colours are true.


Left to right:

Sugar Cookie, Frosty, Chestnut, Mittens, Winter, Nutcracker


Left to right:

Silent Night, Evergreen, Gingerbread


Where can I buy it? 

The Holiday Kyshadow Palette will be limited edition and likely will not be sold after the 2016 Christmas season is over. You can find it online from the website, the direct link is here but the product is currently unavailable, I’m assuming it’s out of stock 🙁 Make sure you keep an eye on their social media to see when it’s back! I’ll update this with a link if I can.

Hope you enjoyed, let me know if you have any holiday blog or video requests, I’m drawing a blank and I need some inspiration from my favourite people (YOU!)!!!

xx Sabrina

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