Circus Lane Under Sunny Skies

This week’s outfit post was taken in Circus Lane, and again features pictures by the ever-talented Abbi King (@afolkbee).

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Sunny Days In Circus Lane, One of Edinburgh’s “Hidden Gems”

Sunny skies are a rare occasion in Edinburgh, and usually if they’re there, you don’t know they’re coming. It’s really unusual for me to be able to dress for good weather, but every once in awhile a few days of sun come along and I try my best to make the most of it! Otherwise I’ll have a wardrobe full of skirts, shorts, and dresses that never get worn. Luckily, I was staying on top of the weather last week and an opportunity to go to Circus Lane (in Edinburgh) and wear one of my favourite dresses on a day out with my friend arose!

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Alex Steinherr Primark Range Review

Maximum Moisture Cream and Sleep Spa Eye Mask
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I’ll admit I didn’t really know who Alex Steinherr was, apart from the fact that she’s pals with Estee Lalonde, and I wouldn’t have known about this range if it weren’t for Instagram. So, full thanks to Estee for helping me discover my new FAVOURITE skincare products because I am blown away! I first heard about them on Instagram, and people were commenting on the photo asking things like “are these products vegan?” and “do you test on animals?” and I thought cmon guys, don’t get your hopes up, it’s a Primark range. Well, jokes on me because they are both vegan, and animal testing-free! I didn’t think those things were possible for such an affordable range, but that just goes to show that it is!…

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My Love Affair With My Hair

I’m well known for my dramatic hair changes. Most recently, I drastically cut my very long thick hair to a very short bob, and recut my bangs (see the transformation video). In the past, I’ve had red hair, purple hair, bleach blonde hair, pixie short and very long, I’ve had bangs and grown them out again, I’ve had 70s The Eagles style hair, and also Kardashian inspired hair. The only thing I’ve fully settled on when it comes to my hair is that I will probably never settle for one style.

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Woolly Sweaters By the Seaside

I think it’s about time I feature a lil outfit post! My wardrobe and style is VERY dependent on the season, and in the summertime I’m very floaty and fresh with my wardrobe. I don’t like anything too flashy, or too high maintenance. I’ll wear the same pair of jean shorts and plain t shirts with Birkenstocks day in and day out. As the weather gets colder, I always somehow find the inspiration to put a lil extra something into my wardrobe. I suddenly want to take the time to do my hair and makeup, and wear skirts with tights and cozy sweaters and turtlenecks. This year, I moved right at the beginning of September, which meant I had to pack up my entire Autumn/Winter wardrobe, and now I’m working through that summer to fall transition on a very minimal wardrobe.
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Makeup Muses: Emma Watson

Emma Watson is widely regarded as a beautiful woman. Perhaps it’s because we all collectively still see her as our beloved Hermione, or perhaps it’s because she’s been blessed with the beauty genes… Regardless, I love that she doesn’t let the obsession with her looks dictate her beauty routine. Instead, she carves her own path, and challenges herself to fill her makeup bag with cruelty free, eco-friendly, and natural products. At premiers she still makes bold statements, pushes boundaries, and takes risks, meanwhile day to day she focuses on simply enhancing who she is rather than molding her face to the current trends. More than a makeup muse, Emma Watson is my ultimate beauty inspiration.

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How to Hack the Nude (Lipstick)

I only really got into the nude lipstick fad in the last year, and can I just say? Total game-changer. I never really liked them on other people (mostly thinking of YouTubers who always point out their lipstick) because I didn’t think it really added anything to the look. I was the type of person that wore lipstick mostly as a statement, and used one or two pink colours for everyday wear. My favourite thing about nude lipsticks NOW is that it doesn’t make an obvious statement or add a ton to the look. Instead… it just ~works~ no matter what’s going on with the rest of my face. Lipstick seriously helps frame your face, and 9 times out of 10 I’m wearing really minimal, natural makeup intended to do just that – highlight my features and frame my face. Back in the old days, I used t just put on a lip balm that would be gone in a matter of minute. Now, I addd a nude lip and it raises the look up a few notches, giving the look a more professional and put together tone.
When it comes to nude lipsticks I have some MAJOR favs and some I use just to mix it up. I have different shades to go with different outfits and different ~vibes~. Here are my top five favourites, and what I like to wear them with.

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What's In My Makeup Bag? 2018 Edition

Is anyone else SUPER snoopy when it comes to other people’s makeup? I want to know what you’re using, what you love, and what you only have because you paid for it! I want to know everyone’s take on every bit of makeup, what your favourite brands are and what your favourite primer, mascara, eyeshadow palette, everything is!…

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