Back to School Beauty Guide

It’s that time again! I think I’m the only one who’s actually extremely excited to go back to school, so I thought why not write up a little beauty guide to make the tough transition from summer vacation back to school a little easier. Some of these are necessities (if you ask me anyway), and some of these are just little pamper recommendations to help you relax and keep that skin glowing through the stressful first few days.

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Makeup Muses

Aloha pals! As you may very well know, I find a lot of fashion inspiration from musicians, actors and the like. BUT did you know that inspiration extends to makeup as well? While I tend to focus on the fashion side of things over here on my blog, I’ve done a number of celebrity inspired makeup tutorials over on my youtube channel.
The reality is that I seriously lack creativity when it comes to makeup, whenever I try to play around with it it looks like I’ve been playing, and never turns out right. I just don’t really have a clear vision when it comes to makeup, so instead I turn to celebrities who I think have just smashed it.

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Fashion | Celebrity Style Icon Zendaya

Aloooha friends! I started this “Celebrity Style Icons” collection last week with a post on my fav- Taylor Swift and her NYC street style. This week I wanted to turn our attention to someone who has a much different sense of style but is equally as fashionable. Zendaya’s style is so incredibly versatile and 100% her own. I love it because it’s so versatile. I can never stick to one kind of style, and it always seems to me that all the celebrities whose styles inspire me are always sticking to one area whether it be preppy or hipster or athletic or whatever. Zendaya breaks down this concept that a celebrity needs to turn their fashion statements into part of their brand. She posts pictures of herself in beautiful dresses on Instagram and then casually comments on how she’s wearing basketball shorts underneath. I just love her a lot, and I’m sure you will to 🙂

Let’s flashback now to the 2015 Met Gala, where celebrities around the world dress up as one of the most incredible modern exhibits the Met puts on each year. I was unfortunately underwhelmed by most of the dresses, which – don’t get me wrong – were nice, but they weren’t necessarily what I would have chosen for an art exhibit… For a red carpet, sure, but the Met Gala isn’t any old red carpet, it’s a literal exhibit and the clothing celebrities and their stylists choose to wear are the pieces being shown in this exhibit. I was thoroughly unimpressed until I saw Zendaya. Just LOOK

zendaya x8

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