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A pillow lays on a bed with white, silky sheets, it props up a white toy bunny, sitting next to the bunny is a cup of green tea.

I bought my very first mattress this past year, and due to a measuring error, I accidentally bought a king size. For the past 8 months I’ve been frantically washing the same set of sheets first thing in the morning on sunny days so that they’ll be dry by the time we go to bed. Enter: the Kalm Koala bedding set!

I couldn’t commit to buying another cheap cotton set of king size sheets. But, I also couldn’t commit to a nice set without knowing whether it was worth the extra money. Then, Kalm Koala got in touch and sent me their bamboo sheets – thank the heavens.

The Kalm Koala bamboo sheet set are made with a blend of cotton and bamboo. The mix make up 100% of the materials – so there’s no other material sneaking it’s way in! As someone with a lot of allergies, it’s really important for me to know exactly what’s in my clothes. Otherwise, I’m hive central! Luckily, Kalm Koala are transparent and their bedding is super soft!

Also – I know bamboo is a big material being used for new sustainable products like this. However, I didn’t know that bamboo as a material is also great for changes in temperature. It really helps me sleep better, so if you’ve got a similar sleep issue you should seriously look at these sheets!

Kalm Koala Bedding Set – They’re Made With Bamboo!

They’re such a game changer for sleep because, quite like wool, it keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, so it’s perfect for sleeping on. Especially because it’s wayyyyyy softer than wool! I’m someone who goes from pipping hot to freezing cold throughout the night, so any temperature controlling materials are welcome in my bed. I usually sleep with my lambswool blanket in the summer because I have such extreme temperature changes when I sleep. But, I would always still wake up with a sticky back from my cotton sheets. The bamboo blend is a game changer!

Two white pillows lay on white sheets, with a wool tartan blanket next to them.

The sheets are also advertised as feeling ‘just like silk’ which I found hard to believe – until they came in the mail! They really are silky smooth, and look like silk too. I had a much beloved silk (satin) pillow case for years as a teenager. It was immaculate. I left it back in Canada when I moved but I always wanted to replace it because they’re really good for protecting your hair! I’m so excited to now have the silky Kalm Koala pillowcases. They, of course, come with the bedding set!

I don’t mind a wrinkle or two!

Because of the silky nature of the sheets, they are quite wrinkly. This could easily be sorted out with a quick steam, but I’m just not that kind of gal! I don’t mind wrinkly sheets as long as they’re super comfy, and these are. And they’ve got Betty’s seal of approval too!

A calico cat sits on white silky sheets.

If you’re trying to replace your homewares with more sustainable options, or if you’re someone who needs a temperature regulating sheet option, you’ve got to check out these sheets! Plus, Kalm Koala offer 15% off your first offer, so go check out their website and products now!

Have you ever used bamboo-blend pillows or sheets before? I had no idea they were such a good option! Leave your thoughts below.

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