Salt air, and my first proper Edinburgh August

It is my fourth August spent living in Edinburgh. The first, I worked as a tour guide on the Royal Mile and, I cannot stress this enough, despised the Fringe. Talk about sensory overload. The second, was emerging from lockdown. I didn’t spend much time outside of Gorgie. The third, I enjoyed a pseudo-Fringe festival, attending only one show. Logs. Apparently, no follow up show this year. Finally, this, the fourth: and the first time I will both enjoy the last dregs of an Edinburgh summer and the festival. This year, I’ve already booked in for an Edinburgh International Festival show and a Fringe show. And, I’ve got more than one fun thing planned to make the most of the end of summer near the sea!

Here’s what I’ll be up to.

Edinburgh International Festival

I booked a ticket to see the preview of Alan Cummings’ show Burn at the King’s Theatre on August 4th. Very excited about that. I love Alan Cummings, not the least because he was the Spy Kids’ #1 best villain. An icon since my childhood.

I’ve also got tickets to see Lucy Dacus at Leith Theatre. Not only do I love Lucy Dacus, I love any show that I can walk home from in under 5 minutes. Can’t wait to see this one! I’ve also got my eye on these shows:

I’m going to try and get tickets to at least a few of them!

Edinburgh Festival Fringe

I’ve only booked one show for the Fringe so far, and entirely because my friend invited me. We’re going to “Coming Out of My Cage (And I’ve Been Doing Just Fine)” on Saturday night, but I’ve got my eye on these ones as well:

I do not have it in me to search for more Fringe shows. I’m hoping they just come to me. If you have one you’d really recommend, please leave it in the comments!

Back to that salt air

Towards the end of the month I have a great getaway to North Berwick planned! God, I love North Berwick. This time I’ve been invited to try the afternoon tea at the Marine Hotel. I really, really love this job sometimes. This is one of those times.

And, in true summer spirit I am going to live my Mamma Mia dreams and get alllllll that “salt air/rust on my door/august is a vibe” vibe at the ABBA club night, followed by the Taylor Swift club night. August 12th, my friends and I have an epic night out planned which starts at Club Night A: ABBA. Followed swiftly by Club Night B: Swiftoggeddon. The fact that these two club nights are on the same night and don’t overlap feels like serendipity. I cannot wait.

Now, if you don’t see/hear from me much in August please know it is because I am just so tired from DOING THINGS. September is already allocated as a month of rest.

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