Cuba Travels | The Best of Viñales

Hola amigas! As promised, here is my second Cuba vlog AND! It’s edited in VSCO! Colour grading on my amateur youtube channel?! What?! I love it. What do you think? Did I go overboard? Do you like it better? I don’t know!!! Either way, come along for a little day of adventuring around Viñales and see everything the beautiful valley has to offer! I’m honestly SO happy we decided to travel here to stay for a few days rather than doing a day trip. It’s easily one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been in my entire life. I can’t believe how skeptical I was now, I thought it would be quite off the beaten track and hard to navigate but it was SO travel-friendly. I can’t say enough good things about it, so just watch the video and see for yourself!


If you’re interested in travelling off the beaten path in Cuba, here’s an article I wrote called ‘Beyond the Beaches: A guide to exploring off-resort Cuba‘.

Cuba Travels Part One: Thunder Bay to Havana to Viñales

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VLOG: Trinity Bellwoods and Tattoos

I know it’s technically blogmas but hear me out okay! This is a video I made from my trip to Toronto back in October and it’s really cute and makes me laugh a lot so I wanted to share it with you.
It shows some of my favourite places in Toronto and has a lil bit of the Harry Styles concert, a lil bit of a tattoo and so many other funny memories!

Moments Behind the Blog Day 6:
Behind this video specifically: when we were at Screemers (a haunted fair) and we went into the very first haunted house the very first scare scared my friend SO BADLY that she jumped fully into the air. We were linked at our arms and she fully jumped with her feet out to the side to defend herself. It killed me and I spent the rest of the walk through just dying with laughter instead of being scared by things, it still makes me laugh.
Your question of the day: Have you ever been to Toronto? Have you been anywhere in Canada?! Thoughts?

Harry Styles Concert (vlog) | Blogmas!!!

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Harry Styles Live at Massey Hall

Harry Styles started his first solo tour “Harry Styles Live on Tour” this past September and I was lucky enough (or crazy enough) to get tickets to his show in Massey Hall, Toronto. He only played ONE (1) show in Canada, and it was a venue of approx. 2,700 people. Tickets for the show sold out in less than a second, and were super pricey on Stubhub, but these are the kind of bad financial decisions I make, so I bought them. Unfortunately, there are tons of fans who weren’t lucky enough to get tickets, and will have to maybe catch him next summer at the Air Canada Centre. I thought, this is an ICONIC first tour, he’s got a great setlist, a great band, and he’s playing in the coolest historic Toronto venue – I have to share this. So I tried.

FUN FACT: Massey Hall will be closing for TWO YEARS later this October so that they can renovate and I feel so lucky to have gotten in to such an incredible show before then! I love this stuff!
Let me know if you got tickets/where you’re going or what the coolest concert/venue you’ve been to is!

For More Vlogs | Sephora Comes to Thunder Bay!

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VLOG | I Missed My Flight!

Friends! It’s finally here, the moment we’ve (aka me) all been waiting for!!! My first Toronto travel vlog is UP and READY FOR WATCHING! I went to Toronto a few weeks ago for an Ellie Goulding concert, here’s how my first day went…. definitely not to plan.

Watch now!

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My First Time.

AYYYYY! We’ve (probably) all seen this tag on youtube and despite a slightly misleading title it’s one of my favourite tags to watch. This week I decided to do my own “My First Time” video, watch it here:

Since it is a tag I figured it was only appropriate to keep it moving, so this is me tagging all of my youtuber and blogger followers! Go off and make your own ‘My First Time’ video or blog post and let me know in the comments so I can check it out! Here are the questions I did, feel free to change or adapt as most people on the internet do for this one.

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Beauty | Alexa Chung’s Effortlessly Chic Tutorial

Hi friends! This week’s video is a wee bit late but it’s one of my favourites! It’s an every day makeup tutorial inspired by Alexa Chung’s effortlessly chic look (as seen and described in her book It. Alexa is one of my go-to fashion icons – I can always find inspiration from her she just has such a classic and individual style. If you’ve never heard of her I 10/10, 100% recommend that you check her out! She led Vogue’s YouTube documentary on the world of fashion (also very interesting/informative if you’re into that). With this video I decided to forgo the narration and trust that you know what I’m doing – thoughts? do you prefer having someone talk you through each step? It just feels a bit redundant after awhile if I’m doing something basic or repetitive. Let me know in the comments!

xx Sabrina

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Lifestyle | Meet My Hometown!

Hi friends! I had a bit of a break from Youtube for awhile because of exams, this week I wanted to get back into it. I decided to do another vlog and take you all to a few of my favourite places around my hometown! Living on the north shore of Lake Superior means there’s no shortage of absolutely stunning places to visit around town – in this video I show you the places where people go cliff jumping, where I go star gazing and the Terry Fox Lookout. I wanted to show you guys places that would be very different to anything that you have in your own hometown 🙂 AND! I brought my dogs with me, so watch it for them. They’re the best. I even wrote a blog post about them, you can read that here. ♡

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xx Sabrina

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