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f 1I first fell in love with MAC’s Face and Body foundation because it’s packaging looked so cool and professional, and I wanted to be the kind of person who owned and used that kind of makeup (guilty!). I’m not going to lie, the first time I saw it was on Perrie Edward’s Makeup Tutorial, and I commented asking what she used because (obv) she looked like a dream. A lovely fellow viewer cued me in on the Face + Body foundation (and the select cover up, there’s a review coming for that too!) and ever since it’s been on my wishlist. I’ve been using it for months now, and I think it’s about time I posted an in depth review. 


This foundation is very light coverage. It is buildable, but it’s very watery so you have to wait for it to dry before packing it on. Personally, I love a lightweight foundation. My biggest face problem is my undereye circles (curse them!) and to be honest, heavy coverage doesn’t do much to help with that. As a result, I stick to BB creams. I was finding that I wasn’t getting quite enough coverage with just a tinted moisturizer, and I wanted something a bit more heavy duty. The Face + Body foundation is the perfect in between proper foundation and tinted moisturizer!

I took some pictures last time I applied it to show you just how lightweight it is. The difference is almost unnoticeable, but I find it gives me a good base to start with. It’s not too heavy so I don’t mind putting on lots of concealer where I need it. I always find that concealer stays on longer, and looks better than a heavy duty foundation for things like small red spots (why!!! what are these!!!) and under eye circles (also why!!!!).

On the left hand side is a photo where I’ve put foundation on half of my face. The left half has the foundation on, the right half does not. The right hand photo has a photo of how my finished makeup looks, I’ve added concealer, contour powder, blush, and lighting powder.

Even though coverage-wise it’s super lightweight, the product does a few other things that are added bonuses. It adds a dewy, softness to your skin tone, which is great because I have très dry skin and will look like a cake if I use powder on a drier foundation. It’s also waterproof which I have noticed makes a difference. It lasts 100% all day long, which means everything I put on top of it tends to last a bit longer too.

Cost + Purchasing

I’m not going to lie, I thought I was going to look like a huge idiot buying this stuff. I thought it was for proper, professional makeup artists only, and that no one used it as an every day foundation. Either way, when I was last in Toronto I was kicking myself, because we don’t have a local Mac and I hate purchasing foundations online without having it matched to my skin tone. The nice thing about MAC is that once they’ve matched your skin tone you can use the code to buy basically any skin coverage product (I’m NC or NW 20).

The cost for standard 50ml bottle is $33 CAD. That’s pretty cheap considering most high street foundations cost between $40-60. However, also considering the fact that it’s really low coverage, it makes sense that it’s a bit cheaper. It’s also available in the 120ml size which is huge and I’m pretty sure only bought and used by actual makeup artists. You can purchase the Face and Body Foundation directly from MAC’s website, or from a secondary seller such as The Bay.

The Verdict

Honestly, I would argue that the cost is worth the product, and if I weren’t keen on trying more and more makeup products, I would definitely repurchase this. I love that I can apply it with basically anything, and I love that I can wear it with any kind of makeup look, either dressing it up or dressing it down. I’ll be keeping this one in my good books for the future, when I need to go back to a staple that I loved.f2

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